Custom Product Attributes & Serial Numbers in Product Catalog

We love the way you can add custom properties to contacts, companies and deals. I would love to see the same functionality for product attributes (fields associated with Products in the product catalog).


A subset of this would be the ability to import serial numbers of physical products and associate them with a product in the product category representing stock. Wenn adding products to a deal, one could then pick the corresponding serial number and hubspot would make sure, that each serial number could only be used once. That would allow us to connect hubspot deals with our physical stock.

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This would be extremely useful and something we would require to properly adopt Hubspot Sales

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I agree. We should allow us to add custom properties and a unique identifier field such as a serial number to connect the products to a contact and company. 

Do allow us to sort and field the list of products we currently have. 

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I also agree. Especially the sorting of products according to different criteria is very important for us