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Custom Objects - Missing Key Functionality

We are heavy users of custom objects and use these for a variety of reasons. However there is key core functionality missing


Association of Tasks 

On a custom object you can create tasks and associate them to the custom object from within the record. However when you click on the task from the task view it says there are no associations as seen below, however if a view the task on the custom object is is associated. This means to click through on a task associated to a custom object you need to also associate it to a contact or company record. This feels like an oversight rather than by design? 



Filter Custom Objects 

When on a normal object i.e. company or contact, the associations on the right hand side will have a 'view all' button allowing you to see all contacts at a company in a filtered table view. When on a custom object that option isnt present. Instead you can 'view more' this just expands the list of options but does not take you to a filtered table view. We sometimes have many companies associated to a custom object this makes it incredibley hard for user to navigate. See below:



Ordering of Custom Objects 

For all core objects (contacts, companies) associations are listed by the order in which they were created, however for custom objects this is alphabetically. There currently are no settings to change this, this means key recent information will be lost when viewing from a company record for example as users will just see it in alphabetical order. Could this setting be added to change how associated recorded are ordered. This would actually be useful across the board and not just limited to custom objects



It would be great to understand if any of the above have been considered and if not please upvote 



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I completely agree with you and would add weight to the huge need for these functionalities on custom object.

I would furthermore like to shed light on the missing feature of being able to:
(1) show associated custom objects in table view - just like you can show associated companies, contacts and deals

(2) show associated custom objects in reporting - just like you can show associated companies, contacts and deals


I'd also add that there should be owners of custom objects available as a default field, in the same way they're available for every other object. We had to code ours as custom properties. 😭

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In order to get custom objects you have to become an entreprise customer - I would even call it a priority customer to HubSpot. This is a "premium" feature and HubSpot needs to prioritize it as such since we are paying a lot of money for it.


I also agree.
The custom object pipeline is also missing the automation tab for the stages and the update properties feature by stage.
I was expecting the same functionality for custom object pipelines as with Tickets and Deals, so this is surpising.

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I agree with all of the above, and appreciate the functionality that has recently been released (pipelines, tasks association) I'd also like Playbooks to be associated with custom objects and email templates to be accessible from a custom object. 


Lots of great suggestions in this idea and the replies! The key features we are missing for custom objects are:


Agreed, the lack of support for custom objects is sad. We just spent a good amount of time reworking our setup and finally realized it simply doesn't work. Enforcing proper cardinality of a one-to-many should certainly be supported, as well as enabling the reporting, listing, and associating of the custom objects.



HubSpot Product Team

Hi Everyone! 

Lily here from the HubSpot product team 👋

This week we released the functionality of "View all" in the sidebar for custom objects. Now, when you are on a custom object record, or viewing custom objects on other records, you have the ability to click "View all" and be taken to the index pages. 

Thank you to all for the feedback around custom objects. We recognize there are a number of areas of improvement listed here, but do hope you will benefit from this update in the sidebar. 



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One thing I'd also like to see for custom objects is the ability to add auto-number fields for a number ID, where you can also choose the format. In Salesforce you can add a prefix and specify your starting number. For example, RS-001 and so on.


Auto-number featureAuto-number feature

Here's a link to more info about this type of field in Salesforce:


Many thanks!