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Custom Object Properties as Personalization Tokens in Regular Marketing Emails

Happy to finally have the ability to use custom object properties as personalization tokens in automated emails, but the lack of that ability in regular marketing emails seems like a huge miss. 


Personalization is so key to email marketing success for any organization, I don't see why we should be limited to only automated emails for this functionality.

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+1 on this! I'm a bit confused why it wasn't rolled out for both types of emails?


YESSSSSS. This is a huge roadblock for our company. We've made this Custom Object, but now we are limited in how we can use it. We are having to re-think our entire plan and go back to Deals because we absolutely need that personalized token. Not just for marketing emails, but for 1 to 1 emails.


Agreed! Would also love to see the capability to personalize the sender/reply address from custom objects for both automated and regular marketing emails.