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Custom Object API Batch Associations

It would be helpful to add Batch Associations to the Custom Objects API.


You can create, update and archive in batches via the Custom Objects API but not make Batch Associations. 


For example I have a custom object, I'll call meeting, when a meeting is created I need to associate it with a ticket, the contact setting the meeting and a contact invited to the meeting.


Currently I need to make these Associations one at a time, and it also burns through my API Burst and Daily limits, but it should not as creating associations for other object types doesn't.



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I would also find this useful. For our business, we make several custom object types that are related to contacts and deals. Via custom code or external code accessing the API, we have to make 1-10 separate calls to create the associations from a custom object to each deal or each contact. Would be cleaner and faster to batch those together just can be done for creating associations between built-in object types.


We are also having this issue and quickly hit the rate limits when we need to associate custom objects! 
please fix it.