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Custom Meeting Outcomes

I'd like to be able to create custom meeting outcomes. We have clients who want to track events, attendance, and other event-related information, but do not want to integrate with a third-party event tool. HubSpot provides almost everything we would want to do, but we are limited by the out of the box meeting outcomes. 

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January 20, 2022 03:19 PM

@CHiggins  - just wanted to chime in here to let you know that we needed to change the functionality for now to prevent outcomes from being edited or deleted, and currently only new ones can be added. 


I'm sorry about the inconvenience and hassle that provides for folks looking to remove the existing fields - but as explained in the update above, we're planning to allow these outcomes to be edited and deleted once we've also exposed and given access to the ability to customize the existing automation.

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January 20, 2022 03:15 PM

Hi Community!


Coming with a few update, release plans, and future plans for this functionality!



  • New meeting outcomes are now available in Reports, Lists, and Workflow filters for all customers with access.
  • It will not be possible to edit or remove any of the existing outcome fields. We found that due to some of the automation built into Meetings that making changes to the fields could cause unforeseen issues and bugs. In order to roll this feature out more broadly, we've decided in the interim to prevent the editing or deleting of any existing fields. Folks will be able to add new fields to the Meeting outcome, just not edit or remove the existing ones.

Release plans

  • Starting today we are beginning to release this feature out broadly as a public beta. Currently 15% of HubSpot portals now have access to the functionality as described below

Future plans for meeting outcomes

  • We are currently evaluating all of the 'default' and 'baked in' automation functionality in Meetings and exploring ways to better expose this for our customers, to allow you to have more control over and of the settings, timing and content of automation that happens within the meeting-booking process. This includes meeting outcomes, reminder and confirmation emails, and additional types of triggers. Once complete, this would allow folks to customize the functionality that is currently a defalt for meeting outcomes, such as the fact that when a Meeting is Scheduled, Canceled or Rescheduled the outcome automatically updates. This work is still in an exploratory phase, and we will update the ideas forum posts once we have more confidence about the process and priority of this work. 


  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Objects > Activities.
  • On the Calling tab, next to the Track meeting outcomes setting, click Edit options.
  • In the right panel, click Add another outcome.
  • Enter the outcome in the text field, then click Save in the bottom left. Meeting outcomes can be a maximum of 50 characters.
  • After saving the call outcome, it will be available from the Select a meeting outcome dropdown menu.
  • It is not currenrly possible to delete or edit an outcome. We will include this functionality in the future along with the release of the ability to customize all automation settings in Meetings. 



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December 17, 2021 05:38 PM

Hi all! 


I'm happy to let you all know that we are opening up the 'custom meeting outcomes' functionality for beta access to access customers. To get access, please request directly to your HubSpot point of contact. Let them know you'd like access to the 'Custom meeting outcomes' beta, and they'll be able to sign you up for the beta through our internal 'Customer Success" tool. We'll be ungating all customers within 24 hours of request!


Beta limitations:

Custom meeting outcomes are not currently available to use as filters in workflows  or lists. We will be adding this functionality while the feature is in beta. 


Current feature limitations:

The outcomes Canceled, Scheduled and Rescheduled cannot be edited for now because they are updated automatically by HubSpot. You'll be able to add new outcomes, but you won't be able to edit or remove these 3 for the time being due to the built-in automation within Meetings. We plan to make changes in the future to allow further customization of this these automation setting, and will then allow for the Canceled, Scheduled, and Rescheduled fields to be edited or deleted.



The functionality of this feature has been built to match that of Custom call outcomes.  Users with Account access permissions will be able to create custom meeting outcomes.  You can create up to 30 custom meeting outcomes to use when scheduling a meeting, or logging a meeting activity. 


  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Objects > Activities.
  • On the Calling tab, next to the Track meeting outcomes setting, click Edit options.
  • In the right panel, click Add another outcome.
  • Enter the outcome in the text field, then click Save in the bottom left. Meeting outcomes can be a maximum of 50 characters.
  • After saving the call outcome, it will be available from the Select a meeting outcome dropdown menu.
  • To delete an outcome, click the delete trash icon next to the outcome. Once an outcome is deleted, it cannot be used in HubSpot tools, including lists and workflows. Deleting a custom outcome will not impact reporting

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November 09, 2021 12:22 PM

Hi Community,


The meeting outcome field will soon be customizable, allowing folks to add new fields, and edit/delete some existing fields. This will be available in the Activities section of settings under the Calling tab where Call & Meeting types can be customized, and Call outcomes can be customized. We eventually plan to give Meeting types and outcomes their own "home" with a section in Settings to manage portal-wide meetings & scheduling settings and behavior, but until then these settings will remain in the Calling tab of Activities settings.


Note that the outcomes Canceled, Scheduled and Rescheduled cannot be edited for now because they are updated automatically by HubSpot. In the near future we are planning to surface all Meetings automation in Meetings settings to allow you to edit/remove/create custom automation behavior in Meetings. Once this is available, we will allow folks to edit/delete every Meeting outcome field.


I will provide further updates once we have a solution ready in beta!




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September 19, 2021 06:00 PM

Hi Community,


We are currently reviewing this idea for the potential of prioritization and delivery this year. After we've reviewed the feasibility and implications of this project we will update to either 'Not currently planned' or 'In planning'. 


Here is some additional context:

We are reviewing the prospect of making the 'Meeting outcome' field customizable in HubSpot, similar to how the 'Call outcome' field can be customized. Much of this we hope to be fairly straight-forward, but there are a few question and implications related to some of the existing behavior in the calendar bi-directional sync and the upcoming 'Cancel/reschedule' functionality that raise some questions we are workign through. More specifically, the 'Canceled' selection will be used when an attendee cancels a meeting with this new feature. To avoid inconsistencies in the customer experience and potential issues with supportability, we may make this field a default, uneditable field for the time being. We are reviewing the other existing fields and our plans to see if there are other exceptions we should make for existing selections such as 'Canceled'.


Once we have more confidently set our plans for this functionality, we will update this idea post. Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions.

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100% this is needed. The current standard outcomes don't fit at all with our business. Plus we can customise the call outcomes, so why not have the ability to do the same with meeting outcomes?


I agree that this would be a very useful addition to our HubSpot Meeting Outcomes- it would allow users to tailor this to match their business needs.

Sikemi Matthew
Customer Support Specialist
HubSPot Support Dublin


Totally agree with the above. The current selections overlap too much and don't give us a complete picture about how the meeting actually went (i.e. was the outcome positive or negative).

HubSpot Employee

The ability to customize as well as report on meetings would be extremely valuable. Is it possible to make them a separate object, similar to how calls is progressing? I know that will add a lot more to the system, but could help a lot with how the data is managed for many customers. Especially some customers whose compensation of employees is tied to their meeting types. 

HubSpot Employee

Hi team,


commenting for a customer here.

Would love to set up customised meeting outcome; sometimes we would want the meeting outcome to mimic the call outcome


How is this not on the roadmap?  We want to be able to see from a data reporting perspective what is happening in those meetings. Is the deal moving forward, etc.  THis should be a base requirement for CRM.


One of the things we try to track is not just whether the call was completed, but whether it resulted in a sale, or a 2nd call with one of our sales people, or is someone to just nurture. This could also be done with a "result" field in addition to the outcome. We really need to be able to track the result of each sales call.


Need this!!


The current meeting outcome and picklist selection is not enough and we would need to add more to the picklist


+1 to this - currently doesn't allow for the modifications we need (like we can with Call outcomes)


This option would be a much needed addition. Also the option to enroll people in workflows based on meeting outcomes. It would be extremely helpful to automatically update the lead status/lifecycle stage of contacts based on the meeting outcome.

HubSpot Employee

Had an expanded idea to this -->


Then workflows could potentially even be meeting based? Let me know your thoughts.


+1 to this. Have been searching for where to customize the meeting outcomes and now just read that it can't be done. Bummer. 

Colaborador(a) | Parceiro

I support this idea. This is needed as we want to run a bunch of workflows based on custom meeting outcomes. 


Totally agree with all comments above.

The current selection doesn´t support at all. Due to Covis this functionality provides a more accurate picture about how the meeting culture will develop in the near future.  


Should be look ASAP by the Hubspot team and integrate.


We definetly need to be able to customise the outcome AND make reports on outcomes.

It's an important tool to track the sales team efficiency and spot who needs help in closing deals. 

Counting no-show and cancelled meetings is good, but if a rep meets 100 clients and none buys, we need to know why. Personnalised outcome will make a HUGE difference for that. 


I've created so many workarounds for basic functionality such as this that is lacking...Please, please add meeting outcome as a customizable property type. sigh...


Need to be able to add custom fields to Meetings for meeting tracking and reporting. Thank you!


Yes pls. While a lot of meeting outcomes are covered by HS default settings, some are not and being able to add additional outcomes allows us to get more granular about where my sales team is in the process.