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I'd like to be able to create custom meeting outcomes. We have clients who want to track events, attendance, and other event-related information, but do not want to integrate with a third-party event tool. HubSpot provides almost everything we would want to do, but we are limited by the out of the box meeting outcomes. 

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It's great that we can have editable call outcomes, but we should be able to do the same with meetings. 

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community,


We are currently reviewing this idea for the potential of prioritization and delivery this year. After we've reviewed the feasibility and implications of this project we will update to either 'Not currently planned' or 'In planning'. 


Here is some additional context:

We are reviewing the prospect of making the 'Meeting outcome' field customizable in HubSpot, similar to how the 'Call outcome' field can be customized. Much of this we hope to be fairly straight-forward, but there are a few question and implications related to some of the existing behavior in the calendar bi-directional sync and the upcoming 'Cancel/reschedule' functionality that raise some questions we are workign through. More specifically, the 'Canceled' selection will be used when an attendee cancels a meeting with this new feature. To avoid inconsistencies in the customer experience and potential issues with supportability, we may make this field a default, uneditable field for the time being. We are reviewing the other existing fields and our plans to see if there are other exceptions we should make for existing selections such as 'Canceled'.


Once we have more confidently set our plans for this functionality, we will update this idea post. Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions.

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Hi everyone,


If anyone from the Hubspot engineering team is following this thread, I would like to make a note regarding, meeting Types (which is closely related to meeting outcome) for a given meeting.


Currently the meeting types are not dynamic. Meaning...


if I rename a meeting type, the original (old name) still stays for meetings that happened before. The meeting type does not get dynamically updated, like when we update a property  name and we have a system-wide change. 


We ran into a big issue, because this old meeting type does not show up in reporting as well. You litereally have to remember the name of the old meeting type - change it back for reporting to work. 


Please someoen from Hubspot team look into this. This is a major system-wide bug. Meeting Types (where we enter and change them) should be dynaamically updated inside a Hubspot system. 


Just to add our use case - because we also really need the feature:
We want to customize the meeting outcome, because we have really specific meeting outcomes, which we need to display current results in dashboards.

Furthermore i want to trigger certain automations with zapier, in order to automate workflows depending on an meeting outcome. E.g. setting certain result fields  in the company or deal, in order to keep track on meeting conversion etc.


Right now we are using "key words" in the meeting protocoll in order to trigger certain automations in Zapier. But these key words in the meeting description have to be spelled in the correct way in order to trigger the automation.


I agree that this is a much-needed feature in HubSpot


I agree with this suggested idea. The default meeting outcomes is a universal list, and that is understandable. However, every customer will not use HubSpot in the same manner. We use the meetings to address any visits we have from customers. We want to track how many customers come in for specific reasons to gauge our efficiency. The standard outcome list doesn't meet that need. 


I can absolutely agree that the possibility to customize Meeting Outcomes 


+1 This would be very useful to us for tracking and reporting whether meeting scheduling was successful - there are currently too few options. For example, we need to distinguish between "No Show" and "No Decision Makers".

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community,


The meeting outcome field will soon be customizable, allowing folks to add new fields, and edit/delete some existing fields. This will be available in the Activities section of settings under the Calling tab where Call & Meeting types can be customized, and Call outcomes can be customized. We eventually plan to give Meeting types and outcomes their own "home" with a section in Settings to manage portal-wide meetings & scheduling settings and behavior, but until then these settings will remain in the Calling tab of Activities settings.


Note that the outcomes Canceled, Scheduled and Rescheduled cannot be edited for now because they are updated automatically by HubSpot. In the near future we are planning to surface all Meetings automation in Meetings settings to allow you to edit/remove/create custom automation behavior in Meetings. Once this is available, we will allow folks to edit/delete every Meeting outcome field.


I will provide further updates once we have a solution ready in beta!




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I concur. We can customize "call outcomes", it'd be natural to do the same with "meeting outcomes". That would help us fit HubSpot usage to our clients specific customer relationship practices across marketing, sales and service. Thanks


Great that Meeting Outcomes will be customizable shortly.  Meeting objects need to be customizable entirely  - meaning adding custom properties to report on  more than just meeting outcomes.  Custom Meeting Properties are  critical when managing Sales and Customer Service teams. Please consider allowing customization to more than just the Outcomes property. Thank you!


@glencornell do you have an estimated timeline for this? That would help decide on a solution until then.


Great to see this as "In Planning".
We need "Rescheduled" outcomes to show as canceled outcomes, because of how our activities are tracked. I hope the improvements planned can solve our issue, similarly to how we can mark different pipeline stages as "Closed".

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This would be great for a few of my clients as well - the ability to report on different meeting types and their outcomes, to see what's driving the most success, will be a big help for them.

Look forward to hearing updates on this one!