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Custom JS/CSS for new CTA`s

Hi guys!

I think it would be great to allow add some custom JS or CSS to new CTA`s, so users can manage how button will look on different screen sizes, or add some additional logic. Because for now it appears in iFrame and it`s very problematic to reach any of the properties.
Thank you!

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I would love for the new Beta CTA to allow for CSS coding as the Legacy had.


Yup, really needs this feature because once you enter forms into the BETA CTA, you cant control what they do when viewed on mobile. 


So you end up just turning off showing the form for mobile devices.


Please add this feature. 


This is a mandatory from anyone already using CTA's through HubSpot.  Our CTA's match the theme of our website and it would be a step backwards for us unless we can alter the css

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