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Custom Invoice Templates

The standard invoice template is very limiting, and it can be frustrating to have no control over how it looks, what's included (or not included), and etc. 

For example, traditionally we have our mailing address as well as a contact email and contact phone number at the top of our invoices. 

The invoicing tool doesn't allow for this at all.


The quote tool allows for custom templates, and extending quote template customization to the invoice tool seems like a logical next step that would solve some other problems I've also seen among customers on these forums. 

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Yes, please! I am exploring using the HubSpot for invoices instead of QB and/or along with but it is very limiting that we can't customize the invoice including adding additional information on the footer rather than having to add a Comment each time 


We need multiple templates for invoices to accommodate regular receivable, then a different look and contact info for our capital campaign.


Yes, please. I simply would like to remove the line, "All fees are listed in USD and are subject to sales tax (as applicable)".

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would be a very useful feature for us to have! 


Please do this feature. , Waiting the customize template for invoice, as same as qutoe's