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Custom Invoice Numbers

We use custom project numbering for all Deals when they become projects (meaning we have a signed quote and are moving forward with the project). The project numbers become a part of the Deal Title and the Ticket Title (where our engineers manage their work).

However, we need to also be able to use the project number with our invoices, but there is no way to use the current settings to create the correct invoice number from our standpoint.

For instance, the project title "240101 Smith 123 Main St NY NY" is used in our cloud archives, our Deal Title and the Ticket Title (as well as any documentation that we generate for the project). We would like the invoice to also have the number 240101.

If we have multiple invoices for the same project, then the numbers would be 240101-1, 240101-2.

Multiple invoices are finalized at different times based on the completion of deliverables, so the current sequential numbering system doesn't work for us, as we can begin other projects before finalizing the next invoice for 240101 (using our example number).

Being able to simply enter an invoice number at the time of finalizing an invoice would solve the problem for us.