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Custom Font with Google AMP

We use a custom font on our blog, and Google AMP supports the use of custom fonts, can hubspot add this as well.  Right now there are only 5 fonts to choose from.  

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I would definitely like some more customization on the Google AMP settings. My biggest issue was the line-height on headings, and our header was broken since there wasn't a hard break between the logo and blog name.

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Couldn't agree more with this... it may be worth changing the title of this thread from "font" to "settings"!


Current issues with HubSpot AMP include:

We've turned ours off until the above - particularly the GTM support - gets sorted.

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Agree with everything here. It would be good to be able to add CTAs to the bottom of them instead of the 'read original article', as if you have already read the article, what is the balue in seeing it once again