Custom Fields to Products

Right now, the products feature only supports 1) the product name, 2) the product quantity, 3) the product cost, and 4) recurring or fixed price.


It would be incredible if I could associate custom fields with products. In my world, I need to be able to add things like Unit of Measurement (which, could be a drop-down feature).


This would make product reporting amazing for my company.


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Custom Fields to ProductsHubSpot Product Team
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Custom Fields to ProductsHubSpot Product Team

Hi all!  We are currently in the process of developing this functionality.  We recognize the value here and are excited to roll this out.  We will share additional updates as we are able.

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Went to bulk import products from spreadsheet and there is no field for a SKU or catalog number?  I guess I will now try to add the sku to the end of the product name.  Like the other users who've commented, it's hard to understand why there isn't a field for sku/catalog number or the ability to customize a field for this value.

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Hi All 


We are looking at how to solve a requirement when it comes to selecting a product for a sale within a Deal. 


We need to have the option of a dropdown list of items of which one can be selected along with a product when doing so from within Deals.




Step 1 

Create Deal 



Attach Product 1 to deal  



Select Property for that product e.g. type or category etc. 


Property would be requried per product. So;


1. If product 1 was ordered once, then the properties would be prompted to be entered once 

2. If product1 was ordered with a quantity of 2 then the properties would be prompted twice, once for each unit of product 

3. If 1 of product1 and 1 of product2 was ordered then the properties would be prompted twice once per product. 


We will then out put this information to fulfilment software via an API. 


I was directed to place this in this feature request which seems to be well aligned. 


Kind Regards



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My company too can't make HubSpot our 'Hub' for quoting.  We need the flexability of custom properties like you can add to contact, company and deal records.  

Custom properties also need to be set as text, monetary value or percentage.  Similar to the way excel lets you format a cell.  

The price table on the quote also needs to have the option to select what properties (default & custom) are shown.  

Then we can make HubSpot our true Sales Hub.  


And if we are asking for the world, make a hyperlink available too.  We have 8.5x11 sized specification sheets that would be great to link to.  Not everyone can put a thumnail image of their product right in the table.  


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I believe this to be critical to using Products. We are down the Product path but likely need to roll back and use a different process. For example there is no "amount in company currency" on Product so Product reporting is useless in my multi-currency world but I only want to report on new Deal Products...not the full amount of a Deal which also includes renewals.

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Looking forward seeing implementation of nearly all the mentioned ideas in this thread. I want to add the ability to make products optional and to decide which ones shuld be added to grand total.


Right now, HubSpot quotes is just for very basic ans straight forward quotes and not a solution for a new business sales proces..

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This is really necessary!!!!


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Agreed. This is such a basic feature to have. Salesforce have had this ability for close to 10 years. Seems odd that HS dont have this basic capability

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Some ideas for the Hubspot team.

What most of us are describing is a PIM tool. I discovered it after looking into them, and there seem to be a few good ones. Akeneo, Plytix, and Jasper appear to be the three best cloud options. There's some pretty cool features to draw from.


Keep up the awesome work!

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Is there any update from Huspot Around this feature¿?


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This is really necessary!!!