Custom Fields to Products

Right now, the products feature only supports 1) the product name, 2) the product quantity, 3) the product cost, and 4) recurring or fixed price.


It would be incredible if I could associate custom fields with products. In my world, I need to be able to add things like Unit of Measurement (which, could be a drop-down feature).


This would make product reporting amazing for my company.


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Yes, it would really be good to be aware of the month this additional functionality will be delivered. This will help with business planning.


Thank you

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We need Initial uofront charge and then monthly recurring charge for the same product. Eg $99 up front and thenn $99 a month.


Product buy price

Prodct Margin % and $

Vendors SKU

Vendor Manufacturers Name

Product technical description

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Hey @dnelson,


Do you know when you're hoping to have the BETA available?


This feature is essential for one of my clients and would have a massive impact on their efficiency.  So obviously they're keen to get this rolled out asap.



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@dnelson Any update on this feature delivery timeline? Just a teaser would be good.

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@dnelson I see custom product fields only in export files. I can’t add custom fields to the sidebar of the product view (details) using the API or in the settings of my account, right?Selection_133.png Selection_130.png

Can anyone suggest a solution?
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Back for the monthly check-in on where this is landing on the planning roadmap for the Hubspot team! Looking forward to hearing some good news. 

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really hoping for improvements in this category now, specially in how the products are stored in the library. we have 1000s of products and its ahrd to mass delete or organize properly. we also would like to be able to search for prodcuts in deals, quotes etc by model # or prodcut name. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all - we are actively developing this feature.  Hope to begin testing a beta this quarter.  Thanks for bearing with us!

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@dnelson awesome, awesome news! woo hoo! I've been telling everyone I know about hubspot. 

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Great news! Excited to get access when ready

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@dnelson that's great news, but to be fair, @HubSpot has been saying something similar for months if not years. SO forgive me if I am slightly sceptical - please sign me up to be beta tester because we are thinking of swapping out for another platform as we were promised this function when we signed up 2 yers ago

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Hey everyone, if you could please do me a favor and upvote this idea Print mailing labels from hubspot contacts/companies I would really appreciate it, and maybe you too would benefit from a feature like this! thanks. 

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Hi @dnelson. it's very unclear what's the difference between Custom Fields discussed here and the CRM Object API, where product properties could also be added. Could you clarify?

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Great news, but I wait for seeing a result before praising it 🙂

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This is really great! When is it possible to try the beta version? 

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Being able to capture unique serial numbers would be monumental for a number of our clients.

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We too are very much in favor of this added functionality. As it is, the products tool is OK but not equipment sufficiently for us to really use in our daily sales activities. With custom properties we are able to add a lot more relevant data and formally roll out the tool internally. 


Looking forward to the progress, happy to beta!

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Could we get added to the beta test? 

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We would be very interested to participate in the beta program. this is a much sought after feature from our end

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@dnelson  Any update on the beta version you mentioned 3 weeks ago? Please reply thanks.