Custom Fields to Products


Right now, the products feature only supports 1) the product name, 2) the product quantity, 3) the product cost, and 4) recurring or fixed price.


It would be incredible if I could associate custom fields with products. In my world, I need to be able to add things like Unit of Measurement (which, could be a drop-down feature).


This would make product reporting amazing for my company.


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Looking forward to this!


I can't believe there's not already a "Taxable - Y/N" property for products.  That would allow for the automatic calculation of tax on a quote that has a mix of both taxable and non-taxable (services, software) products.


Also, being able to have a product with a variable price would be great. i.e. to be able to enter the price when adding it to a deal or especially a quote.


I need a "Part Number" field. Please!


Please add this feature


+1 This is necessary for using stand-alone or w/ EComm integration.

Is there a timeline for release?


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We are also in need of this feature. Without it the CRM won't function the way we need it to.



Any updates or ETA on this feature being implemented? There was some discussion from the Hubspot team that it was in flight soon, but I haven't been able to find any additional follow ups since then.


Are there any further updates on this. It was set to 'In Planning' in sept 19. Is there a timeframe for release available as yet please.


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Is there any update on when this feature may be available. In my case I simply need a product option. e.g the product is a t-shirt with a drop down of options for small, medium and large and then be able to report on the varient rather than add each option as a seperate product (its not t-shirts we sell but this is the simplest way of describing what we need) 


Hello Product team,


Any sort of heads up as to an expected time table to this (assuming of course there is one) would be immensely helpful for planning for many of us. Is this the best forum to request this information, or should we be leveraging a different approach? 




It would be useful to have the option to select a solution type per product line item.

Our company how 2 main services which are AP and ESG.

This will ease the process when exporting data and categorizing by service.


I would like to be a part of the beta. thanks 


Hello everyone! 


Just watched the Nov / Dec release video and no mention of the work spearheaded by @dnelson. Are there any updates as to an expected Beta / Release of this feature set? I know I, as well as many other admin, are anxiously awaiting the ability to finally create our actual products in Hubspot, and truely start to leverage Hubspot as our source of truth. 

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Other functionalities I'd love to see in Products:

  • Attributes for size, color and options
  • Categories of inventory
  • Inventory of in-stock units
  • Reporting for days in inventory, price reductions by inventory
  • Engagement with inventory (how many quotes, to what deal stages
  • Ability to quote financing terms (down payment, amount financed, APR, term, monthly payment)
  • What happens after the sale is made? Can that product still be attached to that customer and that deal? Can that product be transferred to a different customer and a different deal?
  • Custom properties to describe a particular product (our use case is VIN number)
  • Identification between what's for sale and what's currently owned by a customer (and reporting)
  • Website functionality to display in-stock inventory
  • "You might also like" recommendations based on like product (and automation or the ability to create workflows)
  • Reporting of engagement with in-stock inventory on the website
  • Reporting of properties that are shared by owners of products
  • Creation of contacts or deals lists, look-a-like audiences for ads, smart content, sequenes and workflows based on purchase of products with certain properties OR engagement with products with certain properties (sales engagemnet or marketing engagement)




It will definitely of huge value to marketing to set customer properties to products like genre, so it will be easier to create list of contacts that prefer same genre categories, including also useful fields like SKU, brands, etc.


Back again for the monthly check in! Any updates from the Product team as to if this is still being considered and if so which Q we should expect a release? 


I wouldn't say that we need unlimited custom fields but in general this is one great idea!


This is something that would be absolutely necessary for our Task Notes... to be able to insert the Product in details as a Contact Token.


Any updates on this one?