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Custom Fields to Products

Right now, the products feature only supports 1) the product name, 2) the product quantity, 3) the product cost, and 4) recurring or fixed price.


It would be incredible if I could associate custom fields with products. In my world, I need to be able to add things like Unit of Measurement (which, could be a drop-down feature).


This would make product reporting amazing for my company.


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Principal conselheiro

Products are not as simple as HubSpot thinks they are. We would like to be able to add additional fields, such as product type, class etc

Principal conselheiro

I am simply amazed at the lack of Product specific options in Hubspot.  This seems to be a critical missing piece of the sales process.

Occasional Contributor

Yes.  This would make sense.  Especially if you want to sync to Shopify or other e-commerce solutions.   Currently, the products syncing with HubSpot from Shopify are very generic and contain no variants or options.

Principal conselheiro

Totally agree with this!


It would also be really helpful to be able to sort the list of products in a way that is meaningful to us. Currently it is sorted by which product was added last and cannot be changed.


We have certain products that are used more often than others so it would be extremely useful to be able to have them at the top of the list when adding products to a deal.



Conselheiro estimado

This is also important for us

Principal conselheiro

This is such as well designed service overall. Such a shame that we can't add custom fields to products. Just like other we need all kind of custom attribute to integrate with our other LoB apps: Part number, Category, etc..

Occasional Contributor

Hubspot Team, do you have this on your roadmap?

Principal conselheiro

Products features doesn't fit B2B sales of a good - more geared to services provider.  Need to be able to add custom fields to suit my business needs. 

Conselheiro estimado

True, this is a must for B2B companies. 

Principal conselheiro

this should be pretty easy to do and would add a lot of functinality right now products are almost useless