Custom Fields to Products

Right now, the products feature only supports 1) the product name, 2) the product quantity, 3) the product cost, and 4) recurring or fixed price.


It would be incredible if I could associate custom fields with products. In my world, I need to be able to add things like Unit of Measurement (which, could be a drop-down feature).


This would make product reporting amazing for my company.


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we want this too. 

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We want this too!  We want to add items like a anticipated product delivery date and a GL Account code or financial category.  Additionally, need all of these fields included for reporting with deals and ability to export information.


+1, without custom product properties it is very hard to integrate products properly.


Also we would need computational properties in quotes (discount tiers as product property that can then be conditionally selected in a quote).

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I agree, as a real estate busineess we would like to attched custom fields to each product (8 - 10 fields) so that we can sort by different variables

Please let us know how soon this can be done??

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Wholeheartedly agree. We use PandaDoc now and it gives us the ability to itemize certain products since each of our products can be customized to the likings of the Customer.


Product A:

Item 1

Item 2

Item 3


Product B:


Item 1

Item 2

Item 3


That way the customer can see what goes into a system and not just the product itself. Quite important in our world. At this point in time, we have no use for either add-on Smiley Sad

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This would be great!

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Couldn't agree more. Right now we can not incorporate HubSpot due to the lack of info we can store about products. 

It would be great if there was similar product database like the contacts one. I am talking about ID's (maybe barcode), SKU's, some kind of pricebooks, our costs and definitely custom properties. What a shame. 

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It would be awesome to add as many fields as we want. I want to get the MKT Pro, but as a B2B company, having limited products fields is holding me (and my boss) back.

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This would be very important to us as well. Please rush this!

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The fact that Sku is not already built in to this solution for products is a major painpoint and I'm personally concerned that this was not a field included from the get-go - what companies don't use unique identifiers for their products?  Why wouldn't this already be a property for a product?  As it stands now, even with setting up Sku as a custom property, not being able to view or modify this value directly through the interface, and additionally not being able to search by a custom property field, is a major fail - the sooner that custom properties are added to the interface, the better.