Custom Fields for Customer Experience Survey

We currently do not have the feature to customize the surveys e.g. adding client name in the greetings or creating paragraphs in the introduction section

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Sumaira, thanks for the idea! We're working on providing you with the ability to customize the survey with personalization tokens. Curious to hear why you're looking to create paragraphs in the intro? 

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This would be awesome! I'd also love the survey to be more customiseable so we can deliver services such as exit interviews though it. It would be beyond valueable to be able to then have our customer exit interview data with the ability to analyse it. I am the Customer Experience Manager at my firm and when I need to provide support for an initiative to the Exec team I'd be able to have some easy stats handy.  

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Simply being able to add a company logo into the email / landing page would be nice.

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Great idea, although I think this it does not go far enough, it would be good to see an expansion to the functionality of the customer experience surveys to include custom questions as well.

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I agree, adding customization is essential for surveys. We need to be able to add more than one question, with multiple choice options. We also need to be able to customize the text color, and colors of the face icons. The survey looks nothing like our brand apart from the logo we're able to add to the top. I think most customers would not be able to easily identify this as part of our brand.