Custom Fields for Customer Experience Survey

We currently do not have the feature to customize the surveys e.g. adding client name in the greetings or creating paragraphs in the introduction section

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Hi Sumaira, thanks for the idea! We're working on providing you with the ability to customize the survey with personalization tokens. Curious to hear why you're looking to create paragraphs in the intro? 

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This would be awesome! I'd also love the survey to be more customiseable so we can deliver services such as exit interviews though it. It would be beyond valueable to be able to then have our customer exit interview data with the ability to analyse it. I am the Customer Experience Manager at my firm and when I need to provide support for an initiative to the Exec team I'd be able to have some easy stats handy.  

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Simply being able to add a company logo into the email / landing page would be nice.

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Great idea, although I think this it does not go far enough, it would be good to see an expansion to the functionality of the customer experience surveys to include custom questions as well.

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I agree, adding customization is essential for surveys. We need to be able to add more than one question, with multiple choice options. We also need to be able to customize the text color, and colors of the face icons. The survey looks nothing like our brand apart from the logo we're able to add to the top. I think most customers would not be able to easily identify this as part of our brand. 



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Agree with @laurae  and submitted as a distinct Idea the option to customize Themes/Design templates, e.g. with Design Manager, for Feedback Surveys to align them with our brand standards. 


See this post: 

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Status updated to: In Planning
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Hi HubSpot Community,

My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comments on this post as they help us build a better product.

This is a very good idea and definitely something we've been looking at building for some time. I'm happy to say our teams are currently actively working on adding more customization options into the Feedback tool. We'll be looking at adding a lot of different kinds of customization in the future - the first set of features will focus on being able to ask multiple questions, enabling you to gain a better understanding of your customers sentiment, motivations and needs.

I am changing the status of this thread to In Planning as our teams are working on a plan to build and release this feature. We'll be updating this thread as we make progress. 


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Great news Joe, thanks for the update.


This is a good step towards removing the biggest blocker for purchase I've experienced across multiple organisations. "So I can't customise these surveys like surveymonkey?"

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Any news on timing?

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I agree with all of the above - customization is key. Even ability to customize how some of the questions are visualized (e.g. for CES surveys - just using a thumbs up or a thumbs down versus the faces) and adjusting the look/feel of the graphics (the smiling and frowning faces don't align with our brand). It would be great if you could just pull the link itself out and drop it into a custom template.