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Custom Email Reporting in Reports and Dashboards

Are the email data statistics available in custom reports and dashboards? If so, I cannot find them. It would be nice to build reports with basic email stats (Opens, CTR, Bounces, etc.) that are tied to groups of emails, perhaps a folder of emails or emails coming from a certain email address. 


Use example - we use the marketing hub to support multiple sales teams that are split by region. These emails are split by folder. It would be nice to be able to build dashboards for each region using just the folder of emails for his or her region or emails coming from his or her email address. 


The report library includes the "email totals by sent, opened, and clicked" report, but it is not customizable. The fact that this is static and not adjustable is frustrating. It could be super powerful. 

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October 17, 2023 02:29 PM

Thank you all for your continued feedback and investment in this idea. I'm pleased to share that Marketing email analytics is a new data source in the custom report builder, which grants you access to key email performance metrics, such as open rate and click-through-rate, alongside the full power of CRM reporting. With this data source, you are able to tie marketing email successes and failures directly to your CRM data, breaking down your analysis in countless different ways. You can create reports that will tell you things like the best hour of the day or day of the week emails get the most opens, or you can build reports that showcase which content is seeing the highest or lowest click-through rates. You'll no longer have to patch these insights together through countless exports, custom joins, or calculations in outside systems—you can now achieve this right inside HubSpot within a few clicks.


If you're looking to learn more about how to get started and use Marketing email analytics to the fullest, I recommend checking out this section of our Knowledge Base article about analyzing marketing email performance. Thank you all again for your thoughtful feedback!

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Need this too please!


Over a year later and I completely agree that is extremely frustrating for marketing data analysts. It baffles me that you can't create a report for engagement by campaigns, but you can for individual emails. At an executive reporting level, this is absolutely necessary!


I am just looking into this and cannot believe how cumbersome and limited the email reporting capabilities are. I thought it was me but after reading this thread it seems to be a real issue. Is someone from @hubspot team going to address this thread and provide some guidance, best practices within the current infrastructure and whether there's a plan to make this easier?


I just need the ability to access the data /metrics HubSpot is already collecting, and want to build out my own dashboards.


Yes advanced customizable marketing reports for dashboards for social ads, emails, campaigns, everything in the marketing dropdown. Please!

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Hi team,

Leaving a comment for customer here.

Currently, if we have professional subscription or above, we can use Custom Report and select "Marketing Emails". However, the report will only take in one metric (e.g. Clicks OR Opens OR Sent)

Users have to create multiple reports just to show the different metrics on dashboard.

Hence, really hoping we can allow these metrics to be selected in one report.

Thank you!


Hi @YiRui_Chua ,


Thanks for chiming in here. I believe most of us on this thread have a Professional subscription and find the existing reporting capabilities for Email marketing completely subpar.


I appreciate your update, however, are you able to share a timeline on when HubSpot team is going to focus on enhancing this to at least bring it to a foundational level, let alone advanced?



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Hi @sbk_100 

Thank you for that (:

I am actually from the Support team - so the above points were to re-emaphasised to our product team why this tool would be hugely beneficial to our customers in general.

Currently, there isn't a timeline we can share regarding this tool - should there be any updates, you would hear from our Product Team directly here. 

Hope that clarifies.


Huge Need. We are spending a lot of time exporting and creating reports over and over.

On top of the data not syncing in any fashion with Data Studio or the connectors I've looked into. It's a ton of manual work.


Another vote from me! It feels like this should be an easy report to set up...

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Echoing all the above. This is definitely needed. We're a franchisor and set up automated email campaigns for our franchisees and want to be able to show them email performance reports based on just how their contacts are interacting with our email content.I thought I had figured out a rudimentary workaround on this using the custom report tool but apparently, you can't serve up email marketing metrics via the custom reporting tool to our franchisees unless we give them full access to reports (traffic analytics, form analytics, campaign analytics), which we obviously don't want to do. HubSpot please make this a priority.


Being able to compare open rates, click rates, bounce rates, etc. by email type (i.e. article, event, newsletter) and by contact owner or division would be greatly beneficial to us.  I have been working within custom reports but can't seem to pull these particular metrics in easily. 


This would be a game-changer in Email performance reporting.


Upvoted. I need to be able to build custom email reports that allow multiple metrics (clicks, opens, etc) as well as filter down by which emails I want to show either by campaign, name includes, or another method.  I've pulled the standard reports but it doesn't allow us to filter out just the emails we want to see.  I wish we could both save and customize all of the reports under Analyze for each marketing item (emails, forms, sequences, etc). 


@YiRui_Chua  We use the work around report you mention. Its great when you are just accumilating data. It is not work well when you want to report data month over month. Unless you have a trick to customize the report to allow it to update each month with last months stats. 


HubSpot has some usable email reports if only you can customize them, add filters, etc...  Why you can't do that is a mystery.

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This would be super helpful to be able to do this! 

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It would be so helpful if we could filter this information. Save so much time taking the data outside of Hubspot to report on. 


The ability to do this would be super helpful for us too! 


Can't believe this still isn't available


Yes to this! Currently the quick fix I'm doing is embedding the email analytics dashboard as a report onto the custom dashboards for reporting purposes. 

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This really needs to be a feature as users will want to review multiple emails in the same campaign and then compare multiple metrics without having to navigate through multiple reports in a dashboard. 

Additionally, the Report Library does offer some sort of a metric report but it would really help users here if they could have some customisability in terms of the email/campaign they would like to be report on.