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Custom Email Reporting in Reports and Dashboards

Are the email data statistics available in custom reports and dashboards? If so, I cannot find them. It would be nice to build reports with basic email stats (Opens, CTR, Bounces, etc.) that are tied to groups of emails, perhaps a folder of emails or emails coming from a certain email address. 


Use example - we use the marketing hub to support multiple sales teams that are split by region. These emails are split by folder. It would be nice to be able to build dashboards for each region using just the folder of emails for his or her region or emails coming from his or her email address. 


The report library includes the "email totals by sent, opened, and clicked" report, but it is not customizable. The fact that this is static and not adjustable is frustrating. It could be super powerful. 

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I agree with bwils811 on the stated above.  As a marketer that also has separate divisions within our company too as well, the reports need to be more fluid and allow the users to be able to customize more features within the report and be more chronological with the information vs. by amount, for example. 


Yes, this is much needed. We spend a lot of time on reporting and it's crazy that the place we get our data from isn't very flexible.


Agreed! HubSpot desperately needs some more flexibility on customizing marketing reports. Our email marketing stats are all over the place, and we have to visit 3 different windows/menus to compile what we need to actually understand the success of our email marketing strategies.


Agree with all of the above. I would definitely use a dynamic dashboard that's solely focused on email marketing. It would be very helpful to be able to create reports that are flexible by campaign, email, list, date, etc. I would love to compare multiple emails, campaigns, etc. with these metrics in one view. Currently, I think you have to export email data into a CSV and build manual reporting.


This would be very helpful. The ability to set up a report email to be sent X days after the marketing email is sent would also be helpful. 



Trying to set up some Marketing Dashboards. This is something we want/need as well. Trying to build a "nurture" email report so we can have the basic metrics of the default report but with emails that "contain 'Nurture' in the email name". Is a pretty basic report ask. Surprising that it doesn't exist (or if it does super hard to find).


I agree with all of the above points. I have spent hours creating custom Attribution Reports to try and gain some insights into email performance, most especially revenue. In my opinion, HubSpot is seriously lacking overall in the reporting area that is specific to Email Marketing. Can we improve this?


What's more, all Email Revenue is "subject" to an attribution model of choice in HubSpot, but this really just waters down the revenue that was obviously directly generated from a contact clicking a link in an email and then completing a purchase. I have reviewed specific paths of contacts who have purchased, and I can see on a one-to-one basis that a contact received our marketing email, clicked it, and then a deal was closed (contact made a product purchase), but I need to know this data as a whole for an email, not on a contact-by-contact basis. The total deal amount was $1,000 yet through the various attribution models applied, only $200 of that was attributed to the email. When your performance KPIs are based on email revenue, and it is your company's primary source of revenue, this discrepancy in reporting is major.


How can we calculate revenue for emails without having to use an attribution model, none of which are really geared towards email marketing as a primary revenue source? 


For Example:

  • First Interaction -- this will pretty much never include Email Marketing, because in order to receive an email from us, contact FIRST has to opt in somewhere, which would be the contact’s “first interaction”.
  • Last Interaction -- this will rarely ever include Email Marketing, because a contact will click a link in an email and be taken somewhere to consume content or to buy something, but there will always be clicks in between an email link and the conversion.

In my assessment, too much of the attribution models' criteria is centered around lead generation (contact creation). Well, if we are emailing a contact, they already exist in our database via previous opt-in, so how can we better measure the effectiveness of specifically our email marketing strategies in HubSpot?


@APlocinik I use specific naming conventions in each Email Name in HubSpot, as well, like you've said in your comment about including "Nurture" in the Email Name, and then I have built a series of custom attribution reports that filter by a particular term in the Email Name. For instance, I use "OXArticle" as a term for all of our emails that link to an article, and then I set up a custom attribution report (added also to a dashboard) and then use the search field to find all "OXArticle" instances, which then displays all emails with Email Names containing "OXArticle". Then I can Save the report and Add to Dashboard. This allows me to see how all of our article emails are performing (revenue-wise) in one report. See attached screenshot of the custom attribution report settings.

Settings for custom attribution report that can be filtered by specific term in Email Name.Settings for custom attribution report that can be filtered by specific term in Email Name.

It took a while for me to arrive at this reporting solution, but it gives me some idea of how much revenue our different "categories" of emails are bringing in.


As far as using this method to report on email clicks/opens, however, I haven't dug into building reports to show that, based on specific terms in the Email Name, but that might be something I look at next. It's really unfortunate that in HubSpot, you have to create separate reports to view revenue + email engagement stats overall (obviously, you can click into any Sent email and view its performance and revenue stats together there, but viewing all emails for a given timeframe isn't as easy).


Note: You must have Attribution Reports available to you in your HubSpot account in order to do what I've described. I don't know enough of the specifics, but I guess not all of the account levels include Attribution Reports.


Hope this is helpful.


@BSheck yea doesn't fully get me where I need, but may be a good stepping stone in the right direction! Crazy that you can't just clone or filter that existing email performance report to get the basic metrics based on email name.


But this could be a useful working around for revenue attribution. Thanks for sharing!!


@APlocinik I agree. It's a total workaround and it's only marginally useful, but for my purposes, it's better than nothing. I hope they can improve upon their Email Marketing reporting generally soon...........


Complete agree. We need all of this too and more. I would love to be able to report out on my email open/click rates and cut the stats by user demographics (i.e. age, gender, mobile/desktop, and end goal).


We have to do a lot of API exporting and maneuvering to make this happen today, and even then it's often a bit off.


It would be great to attach an end goal to emails as well. For example, if the email were pushing a quiz that we have on our platform I'd like to see open, click, and then track if the user hit the end URL for the quiz. I know I can do this at the workflow level, but it's quite cumbersome to build a workflow for all individual emails to get to this level of detail. Other systems like Intercom have this built into individual emails. It's important to see opens and clicks, but more valuable to see if the user converted on the page they were sent to after the click.

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HubSpot is definitely lacking in the email reporting department. We have no way of reporting on multiple emails at once, or based on email subscription types. We have multiple brands sending hundreds of emails, and it's impossible to make any sense out of them or to report on select groups of emails. 

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Shame that this not not possible. Because the data is there. We can see the reports for an individual email, but we can't use this data in our dashboarding/reporting..


It would be super helpful to have a report that lists open rates, click rates, and click through rates for multiple emails in order to compare data and see how emails are performing overall. I know this can be done manually somewhat when look at analytics for an email, but a more comprehensive view that can also be filtered would be beneficial. 


This is very much needed. Why are there so many custom reports but it always seems impossible to report on the things I need. The default email report that tracks opens/CTR is not enough. Everyday automated emails are mixed in and we don't report on those. Thanks. I hope something is added soon - considering the first comment is nearly 1 year old.


Agree 100%. Even basic filters - such as for email names and date sent - added to the existing default reports would be helpful. 


We can easily combine multiple campaigns for other report types (influenced contacts, influenced revenue) - why not email performance?

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This is a needed feature! All the building blocks are present. It's just a matter of putting it together.


This is desperately needed!


I agree, this is very much needed. Thanks!