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Custom *Cross Object Reports* using the team filter of "My Team"

I've recently been trying to find ways to build custom reports and attach those custom reports to Dashboards based on a user roles. IE Sales Managers see the same reports across the entire organization.


While trying to run a cross object report I noticed that when trying to build a noneditable report, I was unable to utilize a team filter of "my team" - it requires the report to be built specifically to a selected team verse a dynamic view of the team based on the user looking at the report.


It would be very nice to have the ability to have dynamic reporting based on logged in user to see prebuilt reports SPECIFIC to their team. I.E. Team is any of My Team


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Hi friends,


I noticed that this one hadn't been replied to, and it has been solved in the new report builder, so I thought I'd reply. You can now add "my team" or "me" as dynamic filters to cross-object reports in the new custom report builder.


Here's how it looks:

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 3.11.02 PM.png