Custom Compression Settings on Automatic Image Resizing

The current compression settings on the automatic image resize feature for Emails (evident on drag and drop builder, can only be disabled "?noresize" on HTML builder) are WAY TOO aggressive and muddy the images.


Poor/overly compressed images in email campaigns reflect poorly on our and your company image and brand. The current developement of this feature does not allow for turning this off/on in the "drag and drop" editor which is what our Communication Team uses to build our email blasts.


We need the ability to either A) turn image resize/compress off in the drag and drop mode, or be able to B) alter the level of global compression for our images. Most of our images are destination and skin tones and the current compression used looks horrible. 

I get that compression settings here were set for "optimized load time" however you cannot compromize the integrity of the image quality this much. If load time is Hubspot's only metric for image delivery success, why even use images in the first place and not just do "text-ony? We need a better and more informed method for image delivery