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Custom Business Day/Holiday Calendar for Sequences

Is a feature to customize what days are recognized as non-business days being considered or developed?  It'd be nice to set certain days to automatically skipped (not just weekends) when sending sequences.

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Re: Custom Business Day/Holiday Calendar for Sequences - changed to: Delivered
November 12, 2018 12:41 PM

Users have the ability to edit their scheduled Sequence emails. Just navigate to the Sequences tool and click into the Scheduled tab. You can adjust the date and time of the send or the content of the emails. 

Re: Custom Business Day/Holiday Calendar for Sequences - changed to: In Beta
January 25, 2018 07:14 PM

Now in beta is a new Sequences feature to allow users to see and edit scheduled emails. This will enable you to change the scheduled send time of an email should it fall on a holiday. 

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Yes, I agree that the solution being provided does not deliver on the request.

And I was evaluating sequences as an upgrade to my manual emails, but after realizing that I'd have to be checking them individually to avoid holidays, I've changed my mind.


HubSpot, we need these types of global setting options. It is killing our efficiency. Please work to create customized blackout calendars. 


Hey Hubspot!


I work with a company that operates out of Canada but exclusively services the United States. The holiday schedule between the US and Canada doesn't always align which creates issues for our team with sending out emails. We'd like the ability to customize what days scheduled emails will and won't be sent out. 


Ideally, we can turn off our sequences for American holidays (as to be aware of the holidays of our lead and clients.) But, we also want to be able to turn off sequences during Canadian holidays so lead and clients aren't responding to our team when they're not working.


While it's possible to pause a singular email, the important discrepancy is that we need the ability to bulk pause all scheduled emails. As a Super Administrator, I want the ability to create a calendar where I can choose to pause and restart scheduled emails. Bonus points if I can choose to pause and restart scheduled emails unique to specific sequences.


It would be very helpful if holidays could be set in settings and then used throughout Hubspot. Sequences, tasks and emails should all be routed around holidays. A three-day follow up would become a four-day follow up automatically, with no tasks due on holidays. Another helpful feature would be a holiday buffer, where users could set a buffer around holidays to avoid email overload for customers coming back from a long weekend.


When will this feature be developed?

it's a very important one 


@dgrover Global setting is a must.


@CJPospisil Yes, yes, yes to your use case(s) here. 


@TSteele Per dgrover's point, a global setting would do just this. 


Manually changing the dates is too arduous, and it should be low-hanging fruit for a CRM with Hubspot's capabilities.


You're right, @michaeljay201; this should be low-hanging fruit for Hubspot. I see not having an option to "pause all sequences" or the ability to enter days of the year that they are not to send as a big flaw/blindspot in Hubspot.  For those of us who send out hundreds of emails a month, changing the date on each email in the sequence is an added step and a waste of time. 

Not having a way for users to pause all outgoing emails with one 'flip of the switch' makes companies/teams/individuals who want to build relationships and make genuine connections seem less than genuine.  {Not to mention things like: what if I end up having a health emergency and am out of commission for a few weeks?}

I'd like a real solution, Hubspot... you're supposed to be helping me make real connections with future customers.