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Custom Business Day/Holiday Calendar for Sequences

Is a feature to customize what days are recognized as non-business days being considered or developed?  It'd be nice to set certain days to automatically skipped (not just weekends) when sending sequences.

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Occasional Contributor

 We need this. Adjusting 1 at a time as suggested by HubSpot in this thread is not a feasible solution. 


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Yes, my team has on average about 400-500 email scheduled to be sent on any given day, orginating from 20-30 different sequences to multiple countries. It would be much better to have a date field and country setting to pause all automated and sequenced emails for certain days 

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It would be very helpfull to be able to fill out a 'do not send on" type calendar for Sequences. I add/remove contacts from sequences all the time so managing that by the individual or modifying the entire sequence for the upcoming holiday would be very painstaking and not automated. Please consider adding a do not send on option where we can pick the dates or select a Country for all holidays...etc. Thanks!