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Custom Business Day/Holiday Calendar for Chat bot availailty

Would be nice to have a feature to customize what days are recognized as non-business days. It'd be convenient to set certain days to automatically offline/office closed (not just weekends) for our clients on chat.

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I agree. I would be nice to be able to custom a calendar so that we don't have to turn on/off the chat for holidays (specifically)


This could be easily done by adding option to manually mark certain dates to be outsite of business hours at Chat channel availability settings. I hope You take this idea to improve chatflow 24/7 effectiveness.


Yes you can delete, say Monday from availability. But not Monday, January 17 for MLK Day. I can delete Mondays entirely on the Friday before the holiday, then I need to remember to add Mondays back after the holiday. It would be nice to specify Monday, January 17 as closed instead of the two-step process. 


We would love the ability to change our business hours for holidays. Currently, we have to manually turn off the chat so that customers do not get frustrated when they reach out and no one is available since the whole day is off for our company. July 4th is coming up and it makes it difficult to remember to turn it back on when we are back in the office after the holiday. This causes the high likeliness to forget to turn it back on and then the customers are upset because we are not responding to their chat support questions. We work really hard to at keeping our customers happy and this would be very beneficial to have this ability!