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Currency in Ads Report

In ads report, as our LinkedIn Ads are done in CNY while the currency of my HS is Euro. I cannot get a value of CPC and other data due to the inconsistency between the two currencies, could there be any automatic exchange and I can see the results directly in the Ads report?

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @larissa_cai , my name is Jason, I'm on the Ads team here at HubSpot. Thanks so much for letting us know the issues you are running into with currency and CPC. We are aware of these issues and we have plans to fix it. For now, the only way to report on CPC would be to define a currency conversion in your Account Settings.


Hi Jason,


We now use USD as our currency, and I still cannot see the CPC or cost per contact. Would you pls help with further process?


Look forward to your reply.