Cumulative Scoring Properties


Would love to see scoring properties updated to include cumulative point based options. 


The use case I would like to test at my company involves keeping a cumulative scoring record for how often a contact visits pages for specific brands we sell (we have more than a hundred brands so finding out which brands a contact browses most would be very helpful). In order for that to work, I would need it to count each time they visit one of those URLs.


Additionally, if there where a way to reduce points over time (you could currently set a negative point for something like "no activity in X amount of days", but if I understand correctly that will only work once) so that a contact's score could gradually decline over time to show that their interest has likely gone down.

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Agreed, would love to see Hubspot implement this!


Also agree - I have the same use case and it would be way more efficient if you could add a list of URLs to one criterion (in this case "Page View").