Cross-object reports should count unique items (count unique companies in contact reports)


Cross-object reporting is a very powerful functionality within Hubspot. I have however been running across a limitation frequently. It's best described in an example.


In this example, we'll look at Contacts and Companies where we view all contacts that have become a marketing qualified lead. We want to know how many unique accounts are associated with MQLs over time because often we have many contacts from the same company qualifying. The cross-object reporting seemingly provides this ability to measure based on the count of contacts or the count of companies. In practice, however, both result in the number of contacts, not the number of unique companies. I would want and expect this behavior to only count unique companies when aggregating the data - but then display each individual contact when diving into the details of the data.


Here is an example of a data table that is displaying contacts that have "Became a marketing qualified lead data" within the range, and measured/aggregated by "Count of Companies". "Count of Contacts" is also available but results in the same exact output even though there are many duplicate companies in the data. 


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Same problem for us; it is critical that this is resolved otherwise we have to export into Sheets to get the data we need when HS is supposed to be our one true source of data.


I am having the same issue but with The Opportunity stage in the customer lifecycle. There are times where reps may opt to add more than one contact to the deal and this affects our reports. Not being able to limit to one person per company within the report means that the Lifecycle conversion funnel is not usable by our company as multiple contacts for the same company would qualify to be a part of the report, thus skewing results.


Need this ASAP, now we are relegated to Excel


Same issue here. We're forced to manually count and track unique companies in a separate sheet in order to avoid skewed data. Following this thread.


Same problem here, but with Activities and Contacts. I want to count unique meetings, not unique contacts we held a meeting with. Cross reports allow us to define what contacts to filter the report on, e.g. Paid search, but then we get the wrong meeting count.


Same here, I have to report manually the number of new company SQL's per month generated by the marketing department.