Cross object report limitation

I recently talked to support about creating cross-object reports, since i'm getting this message: "You‘ve reached the limit of reports you can create across data sets. Manage your reports from the reports list." I do have the reporting add-on, that has a limit of 200 dashboards and 2000 custom reports. But no one has ever told me that there is a limit of cross-object reports.


And then support got back to me and told me that this is currently a technical limitation on the platform, of 200 cross-object reports. Support also told me that this info can be confirmed in Frequently Asked Questions / Other Technical Limits. They also told me that they can't give me any estimate on when this is going to be resolved, and suggested me to post it in here. Also, there is no easy way to filter cross-object reports on the Reports tool. I currently have 417 custom reports, and i'll have to look all of them manualy to see which are cross-object so i can delete a few. 

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