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Cross-Pipeline Reporting

We have a sales development team and a sales team working in different pipelines but the sales cycle flows from the Sales Dev Pipeline to the Sales Pipeline. For example, a lead will get dropped into the sales development pipeline for the Sales Development Rep to enrich, qualify, and then hand the lead over to the sales team. Once the meeting has been set with the Salesperson, that's when the lead gets moved over to the Sales Pipeline. The goal is to be able to report on conversion and velocity from a specific stage in the Sales Development Pipeline to a specific stage in the Sales Pipeline. Ultimately, a cross-pipeline funnel reporting style would be necessary for this purpose, as it would allow us to track how many qualified leads from the Sales Dev Pipeline turn into meetings set in the Sales Pipeline, and then turn into closed won deals, for example.


The suggestion to combine the pipelines is not ideal for us as we would prefer to keep these two pipelines separate, considering that they are for two separate teams with different purposes, and we are trying to avoid the clutter of having too many cooks in the kitchen in one pipeline.

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Yes surprised this doesn't exist yet since SDR/AE split is so common in SaaS.