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Cross Object reporting using a saved list

Hi HS community,


I have set up a contact list in HS based on clients who attended a webinar we held and want to look at how many deals we have created with them since they attended the webinar to see if this had an impact on their traffic.


I tried to set up a cross object report to look at deals and contacts but I am unable to add 'list membership' as a filter for contacts as its blanked out.


At the moment there is no way for me to look at the deals created by these specific clients as list membership is only recorded against the contact and not the deal.


I am able to filter my list I created to be for people who attended our webinar and created a deal between a certain date range, but then there is no way for me to visually display this in a graph as it would need to be a cross object report to show the deals by clients.


Can you advise if this is something that will be available in cross object reporting? Or if there is a workaround?



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I created a list of contact Form submissions so I could track those contacts through to deal conversion to assess what is the value of a contact form submission so we can set goals.  No dice.  There is an attribution model that shows online forms and attributed deals to it but it did not have the same number of form submissions we have observed and I think the attribution number was really low.  A single form submission could be a $100,000 deal.  As we optimize the web-site, contact forms are a key method for conversion and we would like to understand that value so we can create goals for the forms.

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We keep bumping into this problem when analyzing campaigns. Many of our activities are third party or conferences, so they would all be 'offline sources' we would like to see it contacts and deals results of a list, as well as to be able to exclude some contacts (competitors, employees, partners) and we can't filter those out. This is essential and I never know if the reporting tool will let me use the list membership or not (as it seems to be supported in the single object report)


This is super important: we need to see intersections of entities like contacts and deals where there might be filters on both entities (eg, contacts that filled out a form in a specific timeframe and deals related to companies related to those contacts in a certain stage). Right now this doesn't seem possible. An easy way to start would be to have a dynamic list of contacts that performed that filter and a report that showed all deals for companies contacts on that list were related to.


This would be incredibly helpful for our teams!