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I was told that cross-object reporting is not availble in HubSpot CRM in response to the question I will detail below.


I simply want to create a table report that contains the fields Associated Company, Associated Contacts, Deal Name, Create Date, Close Date, Deal Stage and Amount and then sorted and subtotalled by Quarter or Deal Stage. These fields unfortunately exist in more than one mutually exclusive database object in HubSpotCRM and thus I cannot run a simple useful report that, btw, I was able to easily do in my last company using the leading CRM. May have to switch if there is not a reasonable solution.

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How is it possible, in 2017 (almost 2018!), with so much technology available and so many competitors in this space, that HubSpot does not offer even basic cross-object reporting?


How is it possible, in spending tens of thousands of dollars per year for Hubspot, that I cannot get basic information to show up on my screen, like the Associated Company listed in a column of Contact records?



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Kim, we are having the same issue. I have been told by our Support contact that it's not possible and the only thing available is to see Contact's Total Revenue but the filtering on dates is difficult and you can't see in progress deals.  


HubSPot, please reconsider your connections between Tables and options for reporting as this is a critical situation for us to not be able to see the lifecycle of the MQL through the Sale.  



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HubSpot Product Team
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Yes please! We really need this feature.

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 Would love to see this implemented

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Yes this reporting is sooo necessary.  I need to report across Companies and Deals and I have a whole account management team waiting for the results.  It is very inadequate to export info to Excel all the time.

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Any updates here from HubSpot on current development or how others have found work arounds? 

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Yes same for me. I'm poking around in reports and want to combine data from Contact properties with data from Deal Type properties. The deals and contacts are associated, but if I choose Contact as the object for my report, I only get Contact properties to use. Same for Deals. We JUST now got our deal API flowing. I'm wondering now if I should have included one of the contact properties as a deal property (like deal name) as well so that would show up in deal properties and I could set Deal as the object and have access to both deal type and deal name as Deal properties...of course now, it would take extra programming cost to updat the API again plus having the same data go into two fields might need to calls to the API (which could cause other problems). Would just be simpler for all "objects" to be available to report and function together!

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A bit shocked that this is still something that haven't built out after seeing how needed it is back in 2017.