Creating reports based on Service Hub > Customer Loyalty survey

Currently we are able to have reports under Service Hub > Customer Loyalty > and we can filter the name of a particular company to see the Net NPS score (by using the filter on the left pane). I would like to have a suggestion upon working with a customer, where we can include it in our cross-object reporting as well. Currently our cross object reporting does show individual NPS scores (which is great), but will be be reflective (and for b2b sales busineses) to have:-

i) A property that takes the average of contacts and take it as a company property?
ii) That we can create a cross-object based on that?

I have been thinking about this -- or should we start with having a survey sent to each company instead? I believe the current report is set in such a way because the surveys are sent to individual contacts not companies, and therefore there are only contact properties related to NPS scores.

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