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Creating reports against product folders

Currently you can create reports against individual products. E.g. count of products sold or revenue by product. However, often we don't want to report against each individual product we sell. Instead we report at a higher level against a family of products ie a product folder in hubspot.  Would it be possible to be able to build reports against a product folder so we could then create a report such as revenue by product folder?

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This would be great and enable extact a lot more information from the tool.


It is currently impossible to generate a report for the Product Library.  Every 3-6 months we need to update pricing and specs within our product library.  We have various folders that we need to open currently to accomplish this.  It would be such a time saver if we could make a report and filter products specifically.  

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I've used this as a workaround:

  1. create custom product property "Product category". Drop down or multiple check box depending do you want to allow multiple values
  2. Name property values according to your folder names
  3. Edit each product line and give the correct product category value

There's some manual work in editing the existing product line items but when done you can use product category property in reporting.

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@mikko your solution sounds like a fair workaround for the time being - just wanted to be sure before I deploy it on my account, we cannot update that custom property with a workflow, depending on a line item ? 🤔

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@Edyta7510 that's correct - you cannot use workflow to update already created line items. When it comes to existing line items only thing I can think of is to update them via API.