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Creating contacts and/or companies in workflows

Today it is possible to create a deal from a contact or a company workflow. But it is not possible to create a contact or a company from a deal workflow. Trying to automate as much as possible of our sales processes this sometimes accours to be an issue in my workflows. 


You are free to create and set properties to deals, contacts, companies freely. So behind the scenes a lot of data can be created - copied - moved around the different properties. But to make things simple: In the contact properties there is a default property called "company name". Lets say a contact is created through a form and the contact himself fills in his/hers company name. Then it would be great if a workflow catched that and create a company based on the company name - and from there its possible to create tasks et cetera to continue. So - creating companies is therefor a obvious good thing.


I do lack some motivation to why contacts should be created by a workflow - but I found that anything is possible in hubspot doe to the flexibility in properties. So why restrict the great functions by not being able to create contacts from workflows. One example I can think of is that a deal is manually created by a sales representative - then from there I might want some basic things to simplify the representatives time by creating contacts based on properties in the deal. 


At least give us the posibility and freedom to make the choice for ourselves. 


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Just commenting on this to say that we really need this functionality too - it would be great to create Contacts from a Workflow. The whole reason we're using Hubspot is as an automation platform to make data management easier for our client - we have an integration set up from Dynamics but the way their data is organised in Dynamics vs HubSpot is different. They're a B2B company that needs to be able to send email marketing to company email addresses. But in Dynamics the email addresses are associated to Accounts (Companies) and not Contacts. We can't send email marketing to Company lists in HubSpot (another feature that needs adding I think) and we can't map across the Account Email Address to a Contact in HubSpot as you can't map a Contact from Dynamics to HubSpot without an email address. The only other solution I can see (unless anyone has any ideas? Please do let me know!) is to get HubSpot to auto-create a new Contact from a Workflow using a specific set on entry criteria.


So long and short is that the ability to create contacts in workflows would be SO useful. The flexibility to do this sort of thing is really really important to make HubSpot work as an intuitive marketing automation tool.

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For salespeople it would come handy if they could create a contact via a workflow. While being on the phone with a prospect, they might have created a deal already but dont know the full information on the contact that the deal is related to. So what would be nice is if we could create that contact via worklow without mail and assign it automatically to that deal. Even if the assigning would be manual, it would be way easier if the contact would have been created before.. 



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Hi everyone,


I have an exciting update, we now have an active beta for creating contacts with a workflow. This will roll out to all customers over the next week or two, but if you'd like earlier access please send me a private message with your Hub ID.





the create record workflow action with a new option to create contact recordsthe create record workflow action with a new option to create contact records