Creating contacts and/or companies in workflows

Today it is possible to create a deal from a contact or a company workflow. But it is not possible to create a contact or a company from a deal workflow. Trying to automate as much as possible of our sales processes this sometimes accours to be an issue in my workflows. 


You are free to create and set properties to deals, contacts, companies freely. So behind the scenes a lot of data can be created - copied - moved around the different properties. But to make things simple: In the contact properties there is a default property called "company name". Lets say a contact is created through a form and the contact himself fills in his/hers company name. Then it would be great if a workflow catched that and create a company based on the company name - and from there its possible to create tasks et cetera to continue. So - creating companies is therefor a obvious good thing.


I do lack some motivation to why contacts should be created by a workflow - but I found that anything is possible in hubspot doe to the flexibility in properties. So why restrict the great functions by not being able to create contacts from workflows. One example I can think of is that a deal is manually created by a sales representative - then from there I might want some basic things to simplify the representatives time by creating contacts based on properties in the deal. 


At least give us the posibility and freedom to make the choice for ourselves. 


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Leaving the use case on behalf of the customer, the customer's sales team creates the deals when they receive the call from the customers (or leads), sometimes some of them don't give them the details of their information (they only know the phone number) so that the sales team is not able to create the contact but still create the deal. Once they can get enough data by having several calls, they can create the contact and associate with the deal so they would like to create the contact based on data on deals.  

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I need this too!!  I have a few workflows that copy a contact property over to a company property, but I've just discovered that if there is no company to start with then it doesn't actually create the company??  I also need it to automatically create a company from the contact property: Company Name. 

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This would be awesome


This would be incredibly helpful. We use Automatically create and associate companies with contacts, But this causes problems when the domain doesn't match the business name. We always capture the Company Name in our lead gen forms, and we don't necessarily want to capture their domain as a back up, otherwise we will end up with too many fields. If we could create the company in a workflow from a Company Name property, we will get much better data.

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MichaelC, what have you and your team done in Hubspot to work around this?


Right now, I'm looking into using Zapier to automate some imports.


My goal is to automatically associate companies with contacts.


I'm blown away that I can't do this in Hubspot forms. I had to figure this out the hard way because there's even a "company name" field that associates with a contact in Hubspot forms, but it doesn't actually do anything. The support team confirmed this.


Despite how frustrating it is to figure this out, I understand why Hubspot is set up this way. It'd be really easy to accidentally create duplicates and typos for companies. Like, what if you have Bob's Crab Shack as a customer but they have 22 locations. You might need a unique identifier, like a domain name to separate/associate the points of contact you have at each location.

You're getting better "data validation" if you only rely on a domain name like

My issue is that I have customers who have domain names but their emails don't match. Lots of mom and pop shops who might be but might have an email like

This is my frustration. There's no way to use another field (maybe one that I am wayy more confident in, like phone number or company name) as the "reference key" to associate a company with a contact.


Anyway, what I've discovered is that the only ways you can create a company are:


  1. Manually
  2. API (via Zapier or similar)
  3. Import company info using multiple files
  4. Automatically create company and associate with contact by email/domain name

Only using 3 or 4 can you also associate a company with a contact.

There are no known workarounds as of the time I'm posting this on 3/19/2020


Hope this helps someone.


Looking forward to any replies and new workarounds!



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This is indeed direly needed as the automatic creation of companies CRM-wide has fallacies. Please make this possible.

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More than a year since this SIMPLE idea was proposed and still none solution from HubSpot.

Come on, this is a really simple but essential feature.

I work at a B2B2C company and we don't want to auto-create companies for B2C clients, but it's essential to create to B2B.

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Agreed, when is this being looked at? Auto create option right now is not helpful.

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i'm surprised this hasn't been worked yet after 1 year.


This is definitely a boost. Creating a company in the workflow.


Ability  to use various fields in form would be great too. right now forms are either ticket based on contact based. What id you want to use a company name in the form and on the workflow internal emails etc