Creating a form submission report/dashboard

I'm looking to create either an automated report that could be sent out monthly or a dashboard that will show us the people who filled out forms to download some of our gated content in the last month (or other period of time). Right now I can only find this information through the form submissions main section but I don't know if I'm just not looking in the right place to create this report or dashboard. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Creating a form submission report/dashboardHubSpot Moderator

It would be beneficial for users to be able to see a report on forms (externally hosted and HS hosted), showing conversion rate and performance metrics

Creating a form submission report/dashboardCommunity Manager

Hey @vickyjiang, you might consider creating a custom report that filters contacts by their recent conversion, this would display landing pages and the count of contacts who have converted. Might be what you're looking for. I've attached a screenshot with the recipie that I used. Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.44.01 PM.png

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I make this kind of stuff happen all the time in HS. The programming that Hubspot uses to display the Form Submission Date in an Activity Timeline uses the same tools/logic HS provides. Many default fields and reports have been provided by HS that satisfy a baseline need but as I read through the forums, I see that everyone wants it to work a specific way. I think HS does better than many other CRM's that provide canned solutions by giving you the ability to create custom solutions. Using custom properties, conditional logic workflows, and list creation, you can make almost anything you want.


Build first towards the data you want. I'll proceed down the idea of a report or dashboard for when contacts filled out specific forms within a date range.


This method will work for 5 forms or 500 forms.

Form 1 | Form 2 | Form 3 | Form 4 | Form 5

Create 5 custom contact properties with the field type of Date Picker - Use a naming convention that implies that it is a date and which form it refers to. Use long descriptions if necessary.

Date Form 1 Submitted | Date Form 2 Submitted | Date Form 3 Submitted | Date Form 4 Submitted | Date Form 5 Submitted

I recommend putting new property fields into custom folders so that you don't make a huge mess.


Always trigger your workflow using a list when there are many conditions to be met. You have the most options and you get to view contact property columns that you define for listed contacts while you are building. It will help you make sure you have selected the correct parameters. If there is only one condition to be met, trigger it directly in the workflow, although, you may use a list at times if the trigger needs to be able to reenroll multiple times. Lists are the best triggers because they can always be used for reenrollment. 

Create 5 workflows - One per Form

Trigger - Define your form submission - One Form per Trigger

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 1.42.14 AM.png

Action - Set Contact Property Value

Contact Property - Date Form 1 Submitted

New Property Value - Date of Step (if you do not see Static Date and Date of Step it is because you did not set the custom contact property to Date Picker.)

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 1.46.50 AM.png

Rinse and repeat. Create a workflow for each form.

Now you will have the date as a property of the contact of when they filled out the form.

You can use the date fields to define your date range. It also serves to identify that the contact filled out the form. Field will be null (blank) if the contact has not filled out the form. 


Go back to list creation and add multiple "OR" filters for each "Date Form Submitted" and set your preferred range, like, is between (your date range) for as many forms as you like. You can add to and detract from the list over time or clone the list to make different versions of the data. I recommend making multiple clones of the list and changing the clones because now the list is keeping track of the list adds over time. Which brings us to the Action button.

Click the Actions button in Lists. You can Export, Create a Report, or View Performance.

View Performance is basically the canned report most of you are looking for.



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Thanks @JasonMM for such a detailed response. I use custom date properties for some offline tracking when I import updates to our contacts. It didn't even cross my mind until I saw your post that this can solve what I was looking for with form submission tracking.


Instead of using the list performance I've created a custom contact report and am now able to filter by the customer date property. With this report I'm able to easily dial down to the actual contact that submitted the form.


It would be nice to have a help article in the knowledge center so others can easily find a work around such as this.


Yes please! 

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+1 ! Need this report!

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I totally agree! I need to have a deshboard that I can filter on dates in order to see for instance how many demo bookings been made during a certain month.


Today, n order to get that absolutely correct I need to create a list on that form and then "refine by date", that will give me the exact number. How ever, having a pre set dashboard that can be filtered by date would make wonders. 

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Have we got any further with this! We are needing to pull the total amount of form submissions month by month.

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This is very important to our metrics reporting - would welcome if this is on the agenda or if we need a work around


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Extending this, it would be really useful to be able to build a forms --> meetings funnel; it could look something like this,  Form Views --> Form Submissions --> Sales qualified leads --> had a meeting --> created a deal. And it would be really useful to show the conversion percentage between them. 

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OK, Hubspot. I did the hardwork for you. We need this report but instead of sessions and source it would be 

"Submissions by Form" 

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 3.58.03 PM.png

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Agree with the vast majority of this thread. The lack of easy reporting on obvious things is quite staggering.