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Creating Temporary HubSpot Lists

Our company has nearly 24 brand teams, so as you can imagine we have thousands of lists. We are always working to keep them clean, but it is a struggle.


The brand teams run a number of drip campaigns each month. For ones that are larger/more vital we have our sales reps receive an internal notification saying that a contact opened/clicked a link in one of the drip emails. This helps them understand who is engaging and helps them better prioritze which individuals to reach out to.


Instead of getting a million email notifications, it would be nice if the sales members could get a temporary list of everyone that has opened/clicked the email. That way, they don't have to remember to delete the list afterwards.

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What about a workflow.  When someone interacts with Sales|Email#1, that contact is then added to Temp|Sales|Email#1 list.  Then you could add these different lists to a folder (so that you can easily find them) and then periodically purge the lists?


Granted not a perfect scenario, but until a better one comes along..


Just a thought.