Creating Subfolders in Templates

I have about 60-70 templates in a folder called "Callahan Templates" and it takes a while for me to find the one that I want. I think it would be a huge help in organizing and would increase our efficiency if we were able to create subfolders in templates. For example, in the "Callahan Templates" folder, I could have "Follow-ups", "Event Templates", etc.

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Creating Subfolders in TemplatesCommunity Manager
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Hey @ifly, I've moved your feature request to this thread to combine votes and comments. 

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My templates are SO messy because of this. Puhleaaaasse create subfolders 🙏🏻

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Excellent idea.  It is very hard to find the correct templates when they are all mixed together.

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This would be great ! It would be way easier for us as well !
I was going to create the idea. It's been quite a while this is bugging me.

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After 3 years, the request is still relevant!

For users that are using a lot of templates with different sequences, Subfolders is a must. 

PLEASE, HubSpot we need Subfolders as much as Pewdiepie needs subscribers to defeat T-Series!!!  

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Can we please get an update on timeline here???


Need this to move forward its been 6 months since we recommended it

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How has this not already been done?!  Such basic functionality - surprised it was missed in the first place.   And now it's been "on the roadmap" since 2017?


Come on Hubspot - this is an EASY ask that will make a BIG difference to your user's experience! 

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Is this a feature that is available in Hubspot yet?

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This thread has been in existence since 2016. If you dedicated some manpower to it you could implement this feature in a day. What progress has been made during this period?