Creating Custom Reports: Include a Companies Funnel

 In custom reporting (which we pay extra for) there's Contacts Funnel and Deals Funnel options to report from. Of course, as soon as you have multiple contacts for a company you're working on, the numbers are no longer relevant. (This will be the case for any B2B HubSpot users.)


The Contacts Funnel is based on Lifecycle Stage, and given I may have 10 contacts in a company, when these convert from one stage to Customer stage, those numbers are essentially meaningless in helping me to understand how effective my marketing efforts are at pushing leads through the pipeline.


If there were a Companies Funnel using the very same Lifecycle Stage measures, I would be able to get a clear picture of the number of accounts moving through that funnel. It would also be valuable to see any attributable deal values measured along those Lifecycle Stages.


I will be much happier with the HubSpot reporting functionality (did I mention that we're paying extra for this?) if I could surface a report that shows exactly how many accounts we're closing as a result of companies moving through the MQL stage to the Customer stage, and what the revenue value of those accounts are. That would allow me to show directly attributable Marketing ROI to the Board, and justify a lot of the money we're spending on HubSpot.


I think this is something that any B2B marketer would expect to see in a reporting platform, and I would like it to be prioritised - especially given that it essentially uses functionality and data already in the platform, and therefore shouldn't take a huge amount of work to implement.

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This is a great idea, and someone already requested this feature a few years ago.

I've upvoted your suggestion but I suggest you go and upvote the one above for good measure!

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Thanks kav! I couldn't find it before, I've upvoted.

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Been looking for a Company Lifecycle Funnel for a while, would make the reporting side of our B2B marketing much easier/ valuable. Needs to be a default option alongside the Contacts Funnel and Deals Funnel in my opinion.