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Creating Custom Info Cards

This is a really simple Idea. To preface, the areas holding information on the left side of the screen of a Contact, Company, or Deal are called Cards, such as the About Card. My Idea is to be able to make custom Cards to better organize and segment data without cluttering a User's view.

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November 20, 2017 12:43 PM

Hi usmiclow,


The About card is customizable in that you can choose which properties display and in which order. Check out this article for instructions on how to do so!

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Hi usmiclow,


The About card is customizable in that you can choose which properties display and in which order. Check out this article for instructions on how to do so!

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Hi usmiclow,


I am not a developer, but do work on HubSpot's Implementation Specialist team helping companies set up their HubSpot portals after purchasing their subscription.  The feature you are all request is possible in HubSpot, but only via an API and using a developer to create it for you.  We don't have an easy, front facing interface to create these custom cards, but it is completely possible.  Here is a copy of instructions I have sent to my customers on this, and keep in mind, I am not a developer so I can only take things so far here.


"We don't really have great documentation on this as it is fairly simple for a developer to do, but complex for a non-developer.  I went to this link and created a Developer Account - found in middle of this page via the CTA.  Once I created the dev portal, I clicked on Apps, create App, named it and then clicked on the left menu option for CRM extension API (see screenshot below).  From there, when you create on Create Object Type, it asks you to name the "card' and then add in your API URL.  I am not a web developer so I could not go further, but this help page here is what a developer would need to finish this and get the appropriate fields to populate into this custom card.  There are other related API links to read at the bottom of that help page but this is something that you will need a developer to help you create, but once you create it, you will have created a custom card that you can populate with whatever fields you want (typically from another application or program), but my understanding is that it could be done with HubSpot properties as well.   That's about as far as I can guide you, so I recommend that you leverage the Developer's Forum section as this is something outside of the scope of our support team but that forum is the best place to get ideas and support around this for a developer."


Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.28.52 PM.png


Hope this helps!



Would be great to allow the cards to be chosen by the user on which ones to display so that the finance person can see "finance information" and the support person can see "tickets" and the sales person sees "deals". 


Definitely agree. An API is great, but this feature seems like something that would be beneficial to all customers.


We're on the free hubspot but would happily move over if this was an option, it's a fatal flaw.

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Surprised this has not had more traction yet, it would be very helpful.


My use case is that we have very very different contact types. We would see a completely different set of contact properties for 1 customer compared to another for example.

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More support for this here. We have done customizations like this for clients and they help improve the functionality of Hubspot immensely. Make it so, HubSpot. 


It will also be useful for us. 


In most cases, contacts don't have a mobile number but when they do, it's way more efficient. 

So we would like to have the option to see if a contact also have a mobile number from deal view without the need to actually look into the contact card 


We are in the consideration and testing phase. Custom view form is something that was discussed in our meetings with the decision makers. It definitely seems like a positive improvement.