Creating A Smart List for Hard Bounced and Unsubscribes

There are some similar ideas for creating a smart list in HubSpot based on if the contact had a hard bounce or unsubscribed. However, the only current way of getting this list is to export and re-import the suppression list. This results in a growing static list of 1,000s of contact you previously had on your suppression list being imported and deleted over and over again.


"We imported 3394 items, 3327 of which were new, in the 3400 rows you selected for import."


If we could have a smart list based on the hard bounced and unsubscribe property, we could just add the new contacts that fit the criteria instead of the ever-growing static list.

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Although I can create a report on unsubscribes easily with a smartlist ---- what is blatantly missing is the ability to report on Hardbounces (separate from softbounces). In my opinion this should have been a feature added long ago. If HubSpot is able to capture this in a file suitable for export, that capture should be made available to use in a smartlist. This exporting business is a pain in the neck and counterproductive. I need the ability to remove hardbounced emails from my dataset automatically as I would think all enterprises would.



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yes please - urgently needed!!

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+1 for this. I would also like a way to wipe out globally bounced contacts - they are taking up a lot of space that could be put to better use, and if we can't contact or cookie them through Hubspot, it's just duplicative of our CRM record with no benefit.

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I think this is a bug.  There is a property called 'Martketing email bounce'.  Using this filed I can remove a lot of the bounces.  But not all.  There are still a few hundred contacts rolling around that the system never sends to, yet Maketing email bounce is apparenetly set to 'unknown'...

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This really annoys me! So much effort just to remove hard bounces!


Come on HubSpot please fix this, especailly as email has always been the backbone of the product.

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Please action the hard bounce smart list asap! It is a shame that you don't have this feature yet....

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I'd like to inform the contact owner to check out the bounces of his contacts to hold my contactbase as clean as possible. So I've created a workflow that notifies the owners if there are new contacts pushed into the static list.


Currently it's a pain to push these contact into a static list frequently and manually - furthermore my contact owners would receive a big bundle of notifications due to bi-weekly or monthly updated lists.


Please add the possibility to create an active list with bounced contacts.

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Adding to this as well. We need an easy way to have a constantly updated ACTIVE list of bounces (soft, hard, global.)


Incorporating this into list building, workflows, would be extremely helpful!

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Yes please! Seems like one of those things that should exist but doesnt..