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 Today I need in my company to determine in workflow that it has a communication action 1 hour before, or a few hours before a certain time. But today there is no way to enter a time-related property, unfortunately I can only choose a date property. So I ask developers to implement as soon as possible the possibility of: 1st) Enter a time property. 2nd) That in the "Delay" workflow there is also an option to delay by hour and not only by day. This process is critical today for my company that uses tracking schedules for tracking equipment installations on our customers' vehicles, and to ensure a better installation rate I need to remind my customers through automatic communications the day and time they should be doing their installations. I count on the team to solve this problem. Wait.

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I want to take the opportunity to complete my idea. Thinking about it all day, as well as my need, try to create a palative flow with a date-type business property. My idea was to create several streams being one for each calendar day and in these streams branch conditions for the business field I created called installation time through drop-down list of hours from 8 am to 8:30 pm. With this apparently when the day of the install field date happens and the business property called install time is a given option, the flow would open a task 1h before the time of the chosen property option. But I noticed another problem. When choosing a trigger of a Date property the system only gives me options for reading the value of that date property. So even if I ask Hubspot to look in the stream for two properties, it won't know if the current calendar day is the same as the property's date to execute. So what is also missing as an option in date triggers, is the option "if the property date equals: current global calendar date" to execute the flow. Example: If the date property field is 9/17/19 and the "today" date in the global calendar is 9/17/19, execute the flow.

This idea of ​​mine I know must have other people who have the same goal to make it happen faster. But unfortunately in my business that is Selling Auto Insurance and in the product it is necessary to install a tracker equipment and I need my client to schedule a date and time to perform the installation of the equipment. How will I delight my client by sending an email message or any other network 1 hour earlier on that particular date to remind them of their commitment and to ensure that my insurance and client conversion are deployed by simply increasing my conversion rates with a follow up if In this powerful system that is Hubspot we have no flows with time rules for certain days compared to the global calendar and also control over the times that events will happen. So although I purchased Hubspot for my company 1 month ago and have advanced with all my sales flowchart on this amazing tool, unfortunately my automation stops well at the end of my unattended flow as I have no way to monitor my clients installations. to guarantee my sales. And now I still have to control this step in a manual way other than Hubspot. I count on the help of the developers so that my idea doesn't stay put too long and I can soon finish my automation and flowchart inside the hubspot. Wait. Thanks.

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Agreed. The ability to say 'Wait until time' or 'Wait until date' would be very useful. This way I could have a workflow run at 11am every Monday or 11 am every 3rd day of the month.