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Create ticket from email

I know that Hubspot is not currently supporting this functionality, but it will help a lot to manually start a ticket from incoming email (not via workflow, but via Gmail extension) or  from Slack, similarly to what you have for creating a new 'Task'.

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I completely agree. We would really like this functionality.


I'm using the Outlook Hubsot Sales add-on and I would love to have more functionality from within Outlook, starting with a 'create ticket' button where it simply takes me to a new ticket browser tab with the originating email already asociated with the ticket.

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Adding this functionality to the Outlook add-in would compliment the ability to create tickets within the Conversations inbox


I agree with this as well. I do have a shared email address and have that set up to automatically create tickets (which is great) but would like to be able to create tickets from emails sent to my personal email

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Hi - long-standing Sales and Marketing user, looking at building our Support use of Hubspot.  

I use the Outlook sales tools constantly, and this functionality would be incredibly useful.  The ability to automatically associate a contact and company, and perhaps email subject as ticket title, would save a lot of time.  

We already create tickets using the Slack action - even something as simple as this would be fantastically useful (although Outlook API, especially from within an email, has far richer data available).


Yes, that's a must have



We cannot use tickets as the conversations inbox is just not useable as an email inbox.  Our admin staff support clients, sales staff and interact with insurance companies. Currently if an email is received that should be a ticket they have to go to hubspot, find the email in conversation, then create a ticket from there. This is time consuming and means they then split their time between gmail, the conversations inbox and tickets. Ideally the ticket should be created from Gmail inbox then add emails with the associated contact/company as with deals. Also the ability to update the ticket status in the sidebar widget. 



Yes, this is a great idea.  Our researches would prefer to create tickets from the Hubspot GMAIL extension. Thank you so much!


I strongly support this idea and suggest something similar to what some other ticketing systems offer. You can forward an email to a specific address and it uses the original sender's name and addresses to create the ticket (found in the email header).


The second feature would allow you to quickly associate an email with an existing ticket by forwarding the email to the unique ticket address. For example, HubSpot support team uses a ticketing service (they don't use their own) that provides a unique email address for every ticket created. Therefore, you can just forward any email to the address and it's then associated with the ticket. HubSpot's looks something like this:


Yes creating a ticket from an email, similar to creating a task would be very very helpful for our processes. Currently we forward these mails to an inbox, which then creates a ticket again. The downside is, that the company and contact are wrongly assigned in that process.


Agree - we recieve numerous support requests via email and the ability to create a ticket direclty from the email would simplify the process for us. 


This would be such a big help - we get a number of emails in all of our inboxes and would love to be able to create a ticket right there - it would save a lot of time. We use Gmail and this would be a great extension.


Any updates about this?


I think we assumed the create task feature was create ticket feature during our review of HubSpot. We were very dissapointed to learn that the plugin didn't support this feature. It seems like such a no brainer for a business to be able to just create a ticket right from an email without having to go through the process of forwarding it, assigning it, etc. 


Yes, it is a must have

It would be a time saver for sure

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Yes, also agree, that's a must have


This is a no brainer. Salesforce's inbox extension is able to do it. Hubspot not having such a basic and intuitive functionality makes it seem as if the ticket's product is more of an after thought than the companies focus. Also, I was told that the functionality already existed during the sales process. Pretty dissappointed to hear that this is still not on the road map. 


+1000 This is, by far, the most needed feature in our company. So important for us that we plan to switch for salesforce as I saw above that salesforce support this.


Agreed. It's absurd. 


I too would love this functionality - to be able to add a ticket direct from Outlook just as you do with adding a contact/company/deal would help with our team admin and make the process more seamless.


best Emma