Create template from drag and drop emails

As the drag and drop is still in beta. I wanted to submit an idea for a feature. I think that you should be able to create an email from the drag and drop builder and then be able to turn it into a template. 


There are many smaller companies that still do email marketing without a developer on staff to create templates specific to their needs. Letting someone use the drag and drop and then make it a template for future use would be much simpler than using the design tools to create your template since that still manages to slide outside the realm of a designer's skills if they have never used hubspot. 

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HubSpot Moderator

Hi Becca!

I fully agree with you, the ability to have templates instead of recreating them every time from scratch would be beneficial and save some time.

I noticed this other similar idea already had some traction, so feel free to also upvote it!

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This would also benefit our company because we have general style guides that we use, but we customize them based on campaign and purpose of the email. Having this ability with the new drag-n-drop would allow for more staff to customize our templates.

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I agree that a template would be sooooo useful. For the time being: we have a base email that we like, then clone and edit it each time we want to resuse it. Though a template would be much easier and avoid any pre-loaded feature we dont want (i.e. contact lists, email descriptions etc.)

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Yes, we need a way to save an email we built as a template. 


I'd love to not have to duplicate the email and swap out the images, links, and text everytime. It would be so much easier if I could save the email I built in the drag ansd drop beta as a template without speciic images or text in it, to resuse again and again.