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Create "template" forms that allow you to automatically edit fields of all forms cloned from it.

I think one of the biggest problems with hubspot forms is that, whenever there is a reason to make changes to a form (for example add new fields, edit dependent fields, change GDPR settings etc), you need to do it one by one on all the forms.

It would be much easier if you could create different template forms (for example one for newsletter signup, one for lead gen, one for book a meeting etc) and then clone from these templates. Once you need to edit a form, you can just edit the template and have the option to edit all forms that are using the template. 

Using the same form is often not an option, because of different CTAs, the form being added as an asset to different campaigns, or different languages for example. 

I really hope you will work on this, its a really messy job right now...

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Would help alot to manage all our forms!