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Create properties via import

It would be great if we had the option to create new properties through importing. For example, we select the property type, field type, and then have the options all within the import file. 

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Hey there, if you’re still looking for a solution on this, Lift recently came out with a free tool that allows you to import properties to HubSpot in bulk.  We created this tool to save people hours of time manually uploading properties and to streamline HubSpot setup.

With the Lift Bulk Property Upload Tool  you can: 

  • Easily upload multiple properties into your HubSpot portal
  • Shave hours of time off your HubSpot portal setup with a bulk upload
  • Eliminate the risk of errors associated with manual entry
  • Tailor properties to your needs with a variety of configuration options, including labels, internal names, property types, and more
  • Whether its Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets, or Custom Objects, the tool supports a wide array of object types

You can download the app here!