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Create properties related to the Sender to use for Sales email templates



It would be great to have the possibility to create news options to add to the Sender personalization tokens.


For example, our company is specialized in recruitment and each recruiter has their own specialty.  We would like to use the same template for everyone but we need it to be personnalized by the sender. For the moment we need them to copy and paste all the templates to edit all the options like department etc. It would be easier if we were able to create sender properties.


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We're having a similar problem. We'd love to have "job title" as a custom sender personalization field so we can build out templates that all our reps can use. 


Something along the lines of the following, "My name's <sender first name>, I'm the <sender job title> here at <Company Name>..." in my situation it would read, "My name's Tyler, I'm the Director of Product Marketing and Sales here at <Company Name>." HubSpot support recommended changing the <sender first name> field so it basically concatenated name and title, but that doesn't really work in this case - we'd have to change the field to "Tyler, I'm the Director of Product Marketing and Sales> and we'd be tied to that specific wording which is really limiting.


Right now because of the limitation here we have to copy and paste all the content to create templates for our individual reps which is a big time drain. I'm only the second upvote since May, so I'm not holding out too much hope, but this does seem like a relatively easy fix.


Hope to hear some good news on this soon!


I agree this would be very useful functionality.


We want to create single sequences that can be fully customized for any sales rep, this isn't currently possible meaning that we have to create multiple sequences for each rep - not ideal.


This gets my vote.

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Hi there

Same wish for further Sender Personalization Tokens here. Would totally make our live easier if we at least had a "job title" sender property.


Voting this up! We also desperately need this!


We also would like to add job titles!


Allowing for customization of the Sender token or adding a Job Title to the Sender tokens would be appreciated.



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Need this for other methods of contact like Teams link


WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED of this feature!


This would be a great feature to have!!


definitely, bring this on. 


Yes! This is necessary. Why wouldn't it already exist? It is so basic.


I would love the ability to create "Sender Signature 1" etc. as a Sender property. We have different product-specific disclaimers that vary frequently, which we have to include in our signature so it's below the sender's contact info. If we could just create signature Personalization Tokens that can be dropped into the templates, that would solve multiple headaches that our team faces. 



Please add this. It's been requested now for 4 years.