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Create personalized drag and drop email templates

I would like to be able to create my own personalized drag and drop email templates in the design manager.

So instead of starting to create new drag and drop templates from scratch each time and adjusting them to the CI guidelines OR cloning templates which I have created according to CI, I want to build the basic templates by using the design manager. This way, users can select from my company-specific templates when creating emails (rather than choosing the five templates provided by HubSpot) and they are still able to be creative and do their dragging and dropping, but with certain design limitations. drag and drop overview_missing draeger.PNG


This functionality is essential for large companies in order to ensure that CI guidelines are being adhered to. If not implemented, the drag and drop is basically useless.

Also, simple cloining of drag and drop emails won't do the trick: Just think about the end of the year when the copyright date needs to be changed. This needs to be coordinated by using a global module (just like in the old Design Manager). That's just one of many exmaples where the new drag and drop reveals its weaknesses. 



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Agree! This would both partners and clients lives easier!

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I would also really need this! The email width settings are not that useful if it doesn't affect the drag&drop templates. 

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Any updates on this?


This is something we need at our company.

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Really need this for my clients

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My company is looking for this functionality also!

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Yes this would be a much better use of email templates for those of us that produce templates for other people to use. 

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+1 on this from me!

I contact support and they suggested making a D&D template ( setting my fonts, colours and other branded aspects) and then getting the team to duplicate each time. This is a decent work-around for now, but I really want to be able to set the defaults / get the template to pull from the HubSpot main email settings in the back to save time and make things on-brand by default.

My mantra in building all our previous templates was 'on-brand by default' and now I'm kinda struggling to implement it, which increases our quality control / proofing time considerably - effectively costing us more money (time) to send emails.

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Must-have. Current template selection is useless because it does not meet corprote design guidelines!

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I would be highly disappointed if this didn't make it into the finished product. Our sales and CS teams constantly send users and customers emails, and there are probably about 50 or so different kinds of layouts they use. My choices are either create 50 non-customizable templates or right now, I'm having to keep a drag and drop email in "draft" mode so they can clone it each time to send out a new email. These people just want to get their jobs done...they don't have time (nor the understanding) on our specific brand guidelines to add in custom modules for the headers and footer and reconfigure our button styles, text colors, etc. each time.

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This is exactly what we need. It's so simple to create email templates in other email marketing tools.

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I agree with this. This would be helpful for scaling marketing efforts with drag and drop emails.

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+1 -> that is urgently needed and should be state-of-the-art.