Create personalized drag and drop email templates


I would like to be able to create my own personalized drag and drop email templates in the design manager.

So instead of starting to create new drag and drop templates from scratch each time and adjusting them to the CI guidelines OR cloning templates which I have created according to CI, I want to build the basic templates by using the design manager. This way, users can select from my company-specific templates when creating emails (rather than choosing the five templates provided by HubSpot) and they are still able to be creative and do their dragging and dropping, but with certain design limitations. drag and drop overview_missing draeger.PNG


This functionality is essential for large companies in order to ensure that CI guidelines are being adhered to. If not implemented, the drag and drop is basically useless.

Also, simple cloining of drag and drop emails won't do the trick: Just think about the end of the year when the copyright date needs to be changed. This needs to be coordinated by using a global module (just like in the old Design Manager). That's just one of many exmaples where the new drag and drop reveals its weaknesses. 



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Hi @MCS 


We released a feature last year where you can create a template in DnD editor and save for reuse. We are building a manage and edit function soon too which we hope to deliver iat the end of Q1. 


We are working on a feature where you will be able to build DnD templates in design manager as you requested here but that will be released later in 2021. Sorry for initial confusion

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@ShaneJ is there any development on this please?

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@ShaneJ  - I can see that the manage function has been devleoped but the edit function is not yet there for the DnD template. Is this still under devleopment?


Is there any update on this feature?


Any update?


Keeping this thread alive as this would be a great feature and very helpful to my team.
 @ShaneJ please let us know when there are any updates to this!

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Actually, they HAVE done this. You can save Drag and Drop emails now as templates:



Just set up your email (make sure you set up all your fonts, background colors, link colors, etc) then under "Actions" at top, select "Save email as template" and it will save it under the templates. The next time you (or another member of your team) want to create an email, click "create email" then select the tempalte under "drag and drop" templates.