Create personalized drag and drop email templates

I would like to be able to create my own personalized drag and drop email templates in the design manager.

So instead of starting to create new drag and drop templates from scratch each time and adjusting them to the CI guidelines OR cloning templates which I have created according to CI, I want to build the basic templates by using the design manager. This way, users can select from my company-specific templates when creating emails (rather than choosing the five templates provided by HubSpot) and they are still able to be creative and do their dragging and dropping, but with certain design limitations. drag and drop overview_missing draeger.PNG


This functionality is essential for large companies in order to ensure that CI guidelines are being adhered to. If not implemented, the drag and drop is basically useless.

Also, simple cloining of drag and drop emails won't do the trick: Just think about the end of the year when the copyright date needs to be changed. This needs to be coordinated by using a global module (just like in the old Design Manager). That's just one of many exmaples where the new drag and drop reveals its weaknesses. 



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+1 -> that is urgently needed and should be state-of-the-art.

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This thread is 1.5 years old. The functionality has existed in other mass mail tools for quite some time and the ability to send emails in your own branding is SUPER important (sending emails in different designs is a very questionable practice, I would never trust an email in a branding different than that I am used to from a company).


So... when? 🙂

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Any updates on this one HubSpot?

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This would be great. Currently we utilize custom module repeaters and hide/show booleans to allow template customization, but if we were able to create drag&drop templates it would be so much cleaner and far more user-friendly for our clients.

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This would be helpful to update emails at scale! Leveraging global groups in the design manager would be a big win.

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This feature is super-essential for us as an marketing automation agency! Once it would be live (rumors about availability by end of 2019 unfortunately didn't come true), we would recommend Hubspot to large clients and prospects without any reservation.

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I totally agree. Creation of Email and also Landing Page Templates should be super easy, enabled with drag and drop. Please go for it :-). We need this. Thanks Christine

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Creating templates on our own is an essential feature for us as a marketing automation agency. Just creating an email according to CI and copying it every time a new email needs to be built, or always creating new content modules when you need them, is not state of the art.
Creating a template according to the requirements of our customers is very important. So the template creation should be as flexible as possible. And if you create a template, it should be a standard feature to save content blocks of the template so you can drag them back into your emails once you deleted them and later decided that you need this kind of content block.
Maybe you can choose between an easy way to create a template in the drag & drop editor and a possibility to create a template with your own code for advanced users while using some kind of template language.

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Any updates on this? 

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Couldnt agree more. Wrote my own post on the topic minutes ago. This shouldnt be a subject of discussion, just do it team HubSpot 😉

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Dear HubSpot, please make this happen!! The ability for users to edit custom templates in the drag and drop email builder would be SUPER useful!

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Aggree! Must have feature!

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Absolutely agree with this! 


Drag and drop would make life so much easier for my team but at the moment it is too much of a bother to adjust the template everytime we want to use it. 


+1. Custom email templates are too limited. Conversely, the drag and drop builder should have responsive options. Then at least we could provide responsive modules to choose from.


+1 please

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Pleeeeeeeease Hubspot. We need this. 🙌

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Couldn't agree more. This is MUCH NEDDED. Please @hubspot.

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updated to: In Beta
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Hi @MCS and All, thank you for you activity here and for upvoting this item. I am delighted to update this item to In Beta as we have released it this week in the Drag and Drop Editor. If you want to get into the Beta list and you are a Pro+ customer please drop a note to your CSM and let them know your interested in being added. We can take it from there.


I will update here when it is fully released.


All the Best,


Shane Janssens

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Thanks HubSpot team and ShaneJ 😃